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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ode to NICU Nurses

So the music isn't really my style (anyone who knows me well knows I like Celine Dione about as much as I like Michael Bolton). That said, someone sent me this video today and of course I sobbed. While it may be close to home for me, so many people have no idea how gifted and blessed families like mine are to have our NICU nurses. These nurses RAISE your baby (feed, bathe, touch) when you, as a parent, can't. They are tender and wise, calm and poised, soothing and compasionate. I have watched them work, then ache. I have seen them get attached, then celebrate 'turning' the baby over to his mother. They are wonderful and beautiful women (and men) that choose this profession. They work long hours, most of which are full of stress, quick decision-making and humbling choices. These nurses save lives  - on a daily basis. And while they are saving lives, they made our life in the NICU that much better.

click this link -  Nicu Nurses

We love you:

Meredith Minor
Deb Darby
Lenore Henry
Lisa Newsome
Julie Simpkins
Annie Metcalf

and so many others that graced us with their blessings every day.

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