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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How often are you Wowed?

I had the privilege to speak at the hospital last night for the ARC. The ARC is a national organization that believes people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have the opportunity to make choices to learn, live, work and play. Occasionally, they provide a setting for dinner and conversation for families that are currently in the NICU. While this gives families a chance to interact outside of the NICU, there is also a 'nicu graduate' family that is invited to speak and share their story.

I am always amazed, intrigued and touched by the comments I receive when the dinner is over. Some include tears and 'Thank you for the encouragement'. Others want to know how Shaw is now and what can they expect 'on the outside'?

One Dad pulled me aside and asked how my husband handled all the pressure of holding it together or his baby, wife AND financially (which was more of a lesson for me to pause and check in on Michael).

My favorite last night was, "Wow. We thought we had it bad until we heard your story!"

Glad we can be of service. :)

Last night, Mary Jo, the hospital's Chaplin joined the dinner to say a few words. She pulled me aside and told me how ironic it was that I was the speaker, as she had just mentioned Shaw during her devotional for the hospital earlier that morning.

During her devotion, Mary Jo talked about the power and necessity of prayer. She explained that there are three types of prayers:
- Prayers where we ask for something
- Prayers where we are thankful for something
- And prayers where we are 'WOWed'

Mary Jo proceeded to tell me that she mentioned Shaw (to the NICU staff) as her example of one of the 'Wows'.


When I hear something like this, I am flooded with emotion. First, I am still shocked sometimes to hear how lucky we are. The NICU feels like a distant memory, but to be reminded that the entirety of a hospital staff is 'wowwed' that Shaw has pulled through is surreal. It's not that there were so many routing for us, but that so many are surprised (as in he may not have made it). I know that is the reality, but it brings me to my knees to think others thought it, too.

While I am reminded by the crippling fear from that time, simultaneously pride swells within my heart for how many people Shaw continues to touch and my heart feels like it may explode!

Happy happy happy Halloween!!!

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Mandy said...

I am WOWed all the time by your strength and outlook and incredible way of expressing what you are going through that touches us all...thank you sharing and being so inspires us all.