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Sunday, December 30, 2012

We're Baaaack....

After a much needed (and sweetly requested by my husband) hiatus, we have taken a couple weeks off from blogging, posting, updating, writing to enjoy each other and the holidays. 

While I have caught myself talking out loud in the shower (the only place I am ever completely alone - and it is never a guarantee) about all the ideas and happenings I have been eager to share, there are simply too many. I will catch up slowly, but here is a quick snapshot of our blessed and festive holiday.
Mommy has one rule for the annual tree selection: we have to pick a misfit! Daddy/Nash/Shaw can pick kind, size, girth, etc. The only hitch is it has to have a flaw - lopsided, straggling limbs, hole on one side. The thought of these poor trees getting picked over every time is too much for Mommy,  so we make a home for it and 'save' a tree.
Overcome with gratitude this Christmas with all those that dedicated their Christmas cards to spreading Bee Mighty awareness. Each day one arrived, our jaws dropped in awe. This one reads, "One Physical therapy session has been given in your honor to Bee Mighty Foundation"

Brushing out the sugar bugs (a favorite past time - and a great speech therapy for Shaw)

Lots of projects in the new house. Thank goodness we have this big helper !

Carriage Ride (+ deer in headlights)

Busy with projects and helping daddy

So, this is our elf, "Fanny". I'm not proud of his size. I can't do flour angels or hang him like spiderman from the Christmas tree. What can I say, times are tough. Although small in size, his magic over a three year old is powerful!
Visits from Grandad & Grammie

Christmas Day bike with Nash's girlfriend, Julia Uher (sporting her Christmas leotard)

My favorite boys

Let the mayhem begin

Last year, all Nash wanted for Christmas was a hot dog (not kidding). Some how, the Richter boys are uber-focused on food. This year, the only request from Baby Shaw was a 'budha budha' (translation: banana). We had bananas in his police car, wrapped in presents, stuffed in stockings, lying across train tracks. Santa was very generous with his banana gifts.

Christmas Eve Richter tradition includes: Christmas Eve church service (guaranteed tears the entire way through candlelit silent night), a surprise visit from Fanny while we are at church who leaves pajamas for the family, as well as 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, which is read (and hilariously animated) by Daddy. :) This years pjs included Bee Tees in honor of all the wonderful things to celebrate with Bee Mighty.

Fanny has a place at our Christmas dinner table

Christmas Eve with Nana

Nash & Mommy decorating the tree

Brotherly hugs / typical chokehold

The Aunts & the Boys

My favorite sight, when returning home. 

Christmas with Nonnie & Papa

Making our presents this year
A shocking surprise visit from Beb-...... I mean, Santa!!!!

Bebo & Shaw opening the traditional Christmas crackers
(yes Rina/Claire, we continue your tradition from 20 years ago).
My favorite. While to most this may be a white-trash Christmas photo go wrong - these are the Richter boys. Goofing off. Half naked. Nash in his cape. Shaw in the hat he would not take off. Both in boots they adore - somehow pausing for a quick moment for Mommy to snap a shot.
It is still hard for me to believe we are wrapping up 2012. I can't wait to see what this next year will bring. Thank you to so many for their support this year and for keeping our family in your prayers. We have been blessed more than we could ever ask for.

If you haven't already, please log into Facebook and look up Bee Mighty. Our goal was 1,000 likes before yearend. We're running out of time. 'Like' Bee Mighty to show your support.

Happy 2012. 
It's a wrap.

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