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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys

Yesterday, I took three minutes to speak to our neighbor. Her children, one on each side, were talking together quietly and being sweet and respectful, while their Mom was talking.

In a moment, I blink. My boys are gone.

Somehow, with an enormous back yard where they are allowed to be totally uninhibited, the brothers find their way to the tiny corner, behind the shed where the stagnate water, mower blades and NO TOUCH items are hidden. Of course.

After quickly ushering them towards a safe direction and away from the chainsaws and machetes, I tried to resurrect the previous conversation with my very patient neighbor (and still perfect children). I continued chatting with hopes that the good behavior has been contagious and my boys have caught it.

I turn around to see my son drying off his bike... with the entire stack of our white, monogrammed, guest towels (typically found on the second floor in our home). Like lightening, he found them and was dillegently repairing the squeaky (oil-covered) wheel of his bike.


I find myself looking at my neighbor, shrugging my shoulders and while I should be embarrassed... I just giggle a little on the inside.

They are boys and i love it. Not the part that drives me to a glass of wine at 6pm, but the part that is adventurous and mischievous and innocent and... ALL BOY.

Top Five BOY Moments (so far)
1. Being naked. A N Y T I M E. (only becomes problematic when you are running frivolously on the beach and stop to relieve yourself in a small natural wading pool.... In a 5 foot area where a group of ladies that are sunning)

2. Talking about dingys. "Momma, I'm just dancin' and shakin' my dingy."

3. Poop. This should be a category of its own for boys. Imagine having a delicious dinner at a intimate an charming restaurant, where your son turns in your direction, but has the intent to educate the entire block... At the top of his lungs, "Momma!!!!!! The POOPY IS COMING! The Poopy is coming!!!!!!!!" Well, hell - sound the alarm!

4. My first son had a hard time saying, "Bootsie" and ended up calling his stuffed elephant, "Boobie". In fact, he called all elephants boobies. So I wasn't surprised when sitting halfway up the airplane aisle with my sleeping, newborn baby, when I heard a desperate plea coming from the middle of the plane, "Daddy, can we PLEASE watch a Boobie movie" followed by chants, "Boo-bie moo-vie. Boo-bie-moo-vie".

(You should have heard Nash telling his grandparents about the 'big 'ole boobies that were at the circus')

5. An my favorite - "Momma, I just love you" while brushing teeth, climbing the stairs, riding in the car, sitting on the potty, reading bedtime stories". (Makes every single insane second worth it!)

Anne G, I think the recycled police car was a hit! :)

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heather denis said...

I can relate to every single point in your post. Yes, boys are a creature unto themself. It's fascinating, really. When 6 pm rolls around, I'm practically begging to go to bed myself! It's great that you see the positive in all these areas. Can you imagine not having a sense of humor? Where on earth would we be! Thanks for your posts. They are uplifting and honest. A joy to read.