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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Protective Momma

Well, it certainly isn't a shunt malfunction when both boys have crusty noses and rosy, feverish cheeks. We feel confident that Shaw (and now Nash) is working through a virus. Our prayer now is he can fight it off like most toddlers.

Yesterday, we had our biannual appointment with the neurologist. Of every appointment we have - and there are many, this one is my least favorite.

I can handle being 'just a number' at the neurosurgeon. After a few exchanged words and awkward encounters, I resolved that Shaw needed skills and talent over a warm and fuzzy friend for Mommy and Daddy. We have the talent. I can handle the rest.

But I have a very hard time being told what our son can and cannot do - even worse what he will and will not do. Who REALLY knows?! Mostly, I despise labels.

With all due respect, our neurologist is one of the smartest people I have ever met. She is probably more kind than most. But they see patient after patient, child after child, infant after infant with brain abnormalities. It is a numbers game to them - black and white. And I feel strongly that these highly skilled and deeply respected professionals are desensitized by the number of diagnosis they give on a daily basis.

I understand the numbers - but do we ever really know?

Fortunately, for my son, his parents don't think things are as black and white, when it comes to development. Shaw continues to defy all odds and as far as we can tell will continue to do so.

The only thing I know for sure is we will be starting horse therapy again as soon as I can get the details worked out.

Now, back to nursing my two sweet sick boys.

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