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Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Season. New Friends.

Today may be the first day of Spring, but I'm talking about a different 'New Season'.

New Season Christian Ministries.

I received a call from Reverend Adrian Harper about a month ago. She had been looking for a ministry for her church's youth and stumbled upon Bee Mighty.

After reading our story and learning about our program, she felt strongly that Bee Mighty was the outreach ministry for their youth mission. Obviously, I was touched, but it wasn't until this last Sunday that I truly understood the impact New Season would have on our family and Bee Mighty.

New Season Christian Ministries declared last Sunday, annual Bee Mighty Day. They graciously invited us to attend their worship, as well as allow us to address the congregation about our journey, faith and how Bee Mighty came to 'bee'.

As my husband, my Mom and myself wrangled the boys, we found ourselves walking through the New Season doors to a sea of people wearing Bee Mighty tshirts. From 2 year old Noah to the minister herself - everyone showed their enthusiam for Bee Mighty and rolled out the red carpet to welcome us.

Immediately, we were embraced and welcomed. We felt God was everywhere.

As Nash praised with his new friends in the aisles, clapping with the occasional, energetic, "Amen!" We took our seats to listen to the timely sermon about Job.

I watched my husband choke back tears as Adrian told the story... "Job suffered a great deal throughout his life, in turn providing so much to others for his suffering. This is what Shaw has done for Bee Mighty."

Slowing down and listening to someone talk about Shaw's suffering, brings back a flood of emotion - only this time, it is with such purpose.

Michael and I have said 1 million times to take us instead - give us the medical complications, blood transfusions, brain surgeries, spinal taps, therapies, dr appointments, shots, heal sticks.... We would trade places with Shaw in a second. Given that this is not an option, we try to find the positive. And that is, we are continuously in awe of the lives Shaw has touches through his experience.

To conclude the service, Rev. Harper asked for anyone that felt moved to prayer to approach the pulpit. I watched the grace of a woman of three boys, Crystal, sitting behind us, take Nash's hand and escort him to the front. In a return silent gesture, I found her son, as if we had done this for years and returned the favor.

We prayed. We prayed for Shaw and healing. We prayed for our family for strength. We prayed for the  sick babies today and their families that are suffering. We prayed for healing hands in the NICU. We prayed for peace.

Sunday may go down in history as one of my favorite events to date with Bee Mighty. The love we felt for our family and our passion in the church was unlike most. To think they are worshiping in a building that will eventually be torn down. They are a young ministry, just getting started, while looking for their roots and where they will find their plant home. Yet, they are serving - and doing so beautifully.

We promised to drop in occasionally. It was just too warm in those seats not to return. We'll be back on Easter, as the youth hosts a bake sale with proceeds going to Bee Mighty. We look forward to seeing our new friends.

'Tis a New Season...

"Jesus loves the little children, 
All the children of the world.
Red, brown, yellow, black and white. 
All are precious in His sight, 
Jesus loves the little children of the world."

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Susan said...

This is a beautiful story! Blessings abound! New Season Christian Ministries is a true inspiration and example Christ's love.