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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Where did it go?

Summer that is.

I woke up this morning with that favorite chill in the air - that first crisp morning. This rivals those favorite days of the first firefly of the summer and the first Christmas song that you hear and the first crocus that raises it's weary head for spring.

They symbolize a transition - a precursor of transformation to come.

With each season, we receive a chance to begin again, start new routines, discover a fresh perspecitve, a new series of firsts through the eyes of our boys.

Nevertheless, saying goodbye to summer is hard this year...

Nash learned to swim.

Shaw FINALLY learned his colors. (For months we have wondered if he was color blind).

The end of summer playdates.
Walker Thomas John Shaw Nash - quite a site
New friends - 25 weeker twins (Grady & Avery), Riley, Nash & Shaw
Old friends - Nana and the boys' Great Grandmother

Farewell to splash parks...

Rainy summer nights...

Endless days at 'da pool'...

And now we have a GIANT transition ahead...
some of which includes being apart. 

Watching Daddy's plane at the Airport Overlook (so excited to be in the front seat!)

Saying goodbye to first friends...

Proximity to the beach...

Old friends...

Our family...

and our Church.
Poor fellas. I know they are going to kill me one day, but Mommy is having the best time getting the boys dressed for church. :)

I think the hardest conversation I have had to have so far was with our church and the boys' preschool. To have finally found a true home. To feel inspired, embraced and to learn. To feel unified, driven and humble at the same time. To be greeted by familiar faces as the boys race into their Sunday school rooms. To be moved to tears during the sermons. To be supported and methodically make a plan around the best options for preschool. To be so in love with our teachers. To be embraced by the minister and invited to their home.

It has taken me (personally) 39 years to find a church home. This one is hard to swallow.

Instead, I will take what I heard in the sermon a few weeks ago and "Be Still."

As Dr. Howell so eloquently said, "Be still. It is a chance to stop and think about the things that matter. Not what we are chasing, but instead finding our inner soul and cultivating our inner life."

So I will "Hush." and "Be Still." to see what is lying in our next 'season'.

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