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Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Could Have Never Seen This Coming

Not in one million years could I see this coming.

I think back to those days when we cried so much, it seemed like the tears would not stop flowing - like you couldn't turn it off.

I think back to our frail son, fighting for his life.
Our son left at home.
The worry through surgeries.
The sound of the alarms that have since left their mark on all of my family.

Never could I have prepared myself for where we are today - in health and in spirit.

Moreover, I could have never imagined Bee Mighty and the work that it is doing....
in the people that work on it, the families touched by it and those that believe in it.

Had you told me three years ago that our son(s) would be thriving, our sanity pieced back together and we would be hosting a fundraiser for families like ours, complete with sponsors, patrons, a band, etc. I would have laughed, thinking about such a petty pipe dream.

Nevertheless, slowly this fire started to burn within us, whispering to us each day, then growing and finally bellowing, "We can be the tinniest change we would like to see in the world!" Until we didn't have a choice. Even if we help one life, one child....that would be enough.

God has lead us to very caring and passionate people that donate their time, talents, insight and resources to Bee Mighty's mission. A tiny army of believers quells each obstacles, wanting... believing we will make a difference.

And we are.

As a precursor to World Prematurity Day, on November 16th, Bee Mighty will host it's Inaugural

Bee Something for Bee Mighty Fundraiser!

Presenting Sponsor: The Charlotte Bobcats 

We have 20+ lifestyle auction items, a few of which include:
- Bee a Beach Bum: A seven bedroom private home on the beach.
- Bee Gourmet: The owner and Head chef at Terra on Providence has donated a 4 course meal, cooked in your home for you and 6-8 of your closest friends.
- Bee Angelic: A framed copy of Anne Neilson's Angel Series
- Bee Babied: Win a Bob stroller, Britax car seat and attachments for the parents or grandparents to be
- Bee a Rock Star: VIP tickets to a concert of your choice, coupled with dinner, bubbly and a complementary ride home

Not to mention, Diamonds Direct is raffling $3,000 in DIAMONDS!!!

There is still plenty for those of us not shopping for a big ticket item. Our Bee Surprised raffle includes everything from donated art to unlimited yoga, toys and gifts, a Turkey dinner from Whole Foods and over 30 other items to win!

Of course there will be many surprises along the way...

If you haven't received your invitation by now, please let me know by emailing me your address ( I want to be sure everyone here is included, since this is where Bee Mighty began... caringbridge updates on Mighty Shaw.

How far we have come... and we have so so much to celebrate!

Richter Boys ready for their own event!

Asking my entourage to help me pick out a dress. (Two of the three boys went for the sparkles).

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