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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Oh What A Night

One week later and you still couldn't peel the smile off my face.
We are still floating.
The music, the flowers, so many friends and familiar faces, the energy... The diamonds!

Bee Something for Bee Mighty (from where I was standing) was nothing short of spectacular!

To think that one year ago on World Prematurity Day, we gathered to announce the launch of Bee Mighty and to see where we are today is astounding.

Planning our first fundraiser did not come without viligent forethought, sleepless nights and hearty debate. If you know my husband and myself, we thought we would rent a brewery, invite a few food trucks for a Friend-raiser and call it a day. 

We grappled with throwing a 'fancy' event and secretly cringed when someone said gala.
It just isn't our speed or indicative to who we are. (Think of your fanciest moment. Your wedding, right? Our wedding was in a tiny town in Mexico where the roads aren't paved. That is our 'fancy')

We expressed our thoughts openly as the plans began to come to fruition for an event; however, the vision of Stephanie Reynolds and others was much bigger. 

Stephanie knew we could have an event that stayed true to who Bee Mighty is - but with elegance and mostly, celebration of our remarkable first year. She formed a committee of very diverse talents (and experience, Thank you Katherine Daly!!) She hosted the group regularly and the ideas (and excitement) began to flow.

One of the many planning meetings
Molly Hebert & Jonathan Swope spearheaded fabulous auction items. Page Gatewood used her southern charm and expertise with the invitations & print materials, while she, Casie Scott, Heather Hucks, Jonathan and Molly secured invaluable sponsorships. Many sponsors donated their services in kind, allowing us to throw the event we hoped for without the expense. Some include: web & graphic design, Audio Visual, flowers and trees lining the entry, alcohol, photography and so so much more. 

One of the gorgeous planters created by Carol of Joyner Benfield

Greg Yavello & Katherine Honeycutt traipsed all over town collecting Bee Surprised gifts. And of course Stephanie & Will with the exquisite location! It was a night of many talents and efforts.

From left to right: Molly Loyd, Casie Scott, Michael Richter, Katherine Daly, Stephanie Reynolds, Anne Gildea, Lisa Newsome, Candace, Heather Hucks, Page Gatewood, Cameron Uher 

Page, Anne Gildea and Cameron Uher personally welcomed everyone to our event, shaking every hand and thanking them for their support.

Champagne cocktails (including a piece of honeycomb) were passed, as guests checked in and found their way to a sea of exclusive auction items.

A tree of blinking rings, served as a raffle ticket for $3,000 in Diamonds from Diamonds Direct!

I can't speak to the food (because I never saw it!. :) Too many friends to meet and chat with, but I hear it was delicious.

Katherine & Chuck Honeycutt

Liz Seegers, from The Art Room, inspired everyone as she created a 'Forever Bee' mural DURING the event, immortalizing Patrons' names and the names of former (both living and passed) NICU babies. This mural represents our 'Bee-lievers' this first year and we were so happy to honor them. The completed mural was on display as everyone left for the evening. It will have a home in the hospital and return each year to remind us where it all started.

Liz & Jeff Seegers from The Art Room

Heather Hucks, the new chair if Bee Mighty, kicked of the program, welcoming everyone, thanking The Bobcats and the Neonatologists and nurses that attended.  (More on Heather and her miracle, as her son is the Mighty Bee for December!)

And the The Fikes.

Oh The Fike Family.

What a tremendous gift to hear their story and introduce their dapper, surviving  miracle, Noah. The Fikes were one of the first families Bee Mighty funded for therapy and a glowing example of how Prematurity does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone at anytime. Thank you, Jenny, Gary & Noah for being an inspiration to us all on Saturday.

The man of the hour

Finally, Sol Horner - the talented and humble Sol, from Bunch Collective - who donated hours and DAYS, even months of his time to capture who Bee Mighty is in the following video:


What I didn't say on Saturday night is that the Novant Healthcare Foundation gave the greatest give last Saturday.

Starting 11/17/13, Novant has agreed to open the Bee Mighty fund to serve all Charlotte babies and surrounding counties!!! 

Together, Bee Something for Bee Mighty raised $50,000!!  

What a magnificent celebration and soirée of people truly making a difference to families in our community!

Stephanie, and the entire committee and Advisory  Council, a tremendous round of applause for what you have done and now whose lives we can touch!

Job well done.

A special thank you to The Caputos for their gracious 15k!! donation - and relentless dance moves - And to the Kanes and Aunt Shazam for flying in to show their undying support). Xo my friends.

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