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Thursday, December 5, 2013

NOTHING is Going to Slow Them Down

Sounds like this should be an inspirational entry about preemies and their ongoing battle to catch up and keep up…. 

Well, It's not.

It's about these crazy people in Denver that do not stop - rain, shine or SNOW.

Holy cow. This weather is no joke.

-6 this morning.

N E G A T I V E   S I X, people.

Bundling two babies to get up and out the door - mittens that won't stay on, zippers that are stuck or are unzipped by little fingers as quickly as they are zipped, wet icy hands, snow in the boot,  slipping on melted snow as we walk through the door - It's like brushing your teeth, while eating an Oreo.


Flashback to the first real snow after I moved to DC a decade ago: I was working at the Discovery Channel. I hadn't had a car in years in different cities and took public transit to and from the office. When the news predicted more than a few inches of snow overnight, I knew work would certainly be canceled.

When my alarm sounded the next morning, just as the weatherman predicted - 6 inches maybe - a blizzard as far as my world was concerned. 

As any intuitive person would do, I rolled over and went back to sleep. 

(Note to anyone that did not grow up in the south. We are not ignorant, just cautious. It is instilled within us at birth that if there is a threat of snow, the entire city SHUTS DOWN. The only real storm, is those storming the grocery for milk and bread. School is canceled if a snow cloud forms and families watch the news religiously - not for the news, but for the scrolling list of school AND WORK cancelations. This is our winter dance, year after year). 

A few hours later, a work colleague called frantically asking, "Candace, where are you?" 

"It's snowing. I'm at home (of course)" said with a blatant eye roll.

"Um. Candace, you don't even drive. The trains are running. Why would't you be here?"

Awkward pause.


Another, now humiliated pause.

"Um. I'll be right in."

Let's just say, that is the last time that ever happened.


Fast forward ten years and my family and I have just moved to Denver. My kids have probably seen snow twice in their lives, so you can imagine the enthusiasm when our move was christened with a white blanket on our third day in our new city.

Now, two weeks in Denver, I have received a crash course in driving in the snow. The main lesson: Go Slow (rocket science).

Life here goes on. Nothing is going to slow them down.

the commute this morning
The best part…

Our Kids go on.

the boys school uniform

Just as I was falling asleep last night  (with worry, thinking about the responsibility of getting my children to school the following morning and the self doubt and fear of incompetence), I received the following email from their teachers.

"As the weather makes a full transition this week, we want to remind everyone that we will still go outside to enjoy the snow and the chilly fresh air. Snow pants, gloves, mittens, hats and boots are all great to have as we get out the sleds on the playground!"

Okay - it's -6 outside, but our preschool has SLEDS??? SO FUN! What a quality of life.

The truth is, as soon as I can feel my toes again, I'm sure this winter wonderland is the most festive I have ever felt for the holidays. :)

Let it snow. 

The sunrise of our first snow (and the ONLY crazy people excited on the block - or possibly the city)
Not a bad view en route to get our Christmas tree
Team Richter & The Turkey Trot (Nash was so excited to cross the finish line with Daddy!)

Catching snowflakes

They are going to hate me one day for these ridiculous hats. Nash sooner than later.
Shaw would wear his hats all day long.
Hot chocolate, marshmallows, whipped cream = perfect snack on a snow day
Funny story: We ventured downtown for the Christmas lighting for the city. Just before the lighting, the spokesman asked the children to come to the front to start the lighting. Michael, Shaw and I look over and Nash is not just at the front but on stage - waving - during the rest of the ceremony. Hilarious.

Couple of old men, chewing marshmallows 
Sunset from our sofa. :)

Wash Park: Not a back backyard 
Local Ice Cream Shop (frequented far too frequently). Favorite scoop: Bronco Sunday (100% sure it is the blue & orange sprinkles, rather than NFL affinity).

LOVE our new CO hat, a gift from Jewels by Julia, but not so happy about big brother's tight squeezes).


Merry Merry Merry Merry Merry Merry Merry :)

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