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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Climbing for a Cause - Bee Mighty on Mt. Bierstadt

Four years ago, when Michael and I began discussing the opportunity to move to Colorado, my first reaction was, "Well, of course we can't go!" 

While moving to CO or CA had always been part of our hopeful future, that abruptly changed when Shaw was born. Suddenly, it was immensely important for us to stay close to family, our church, our doctors, specialists and of course, our greatest passion, Bee Mighty. 

I think my hesitation turned to undeniable excitement before I finished the celebratory glass of wine Michael had just poured, as he described the job of his dreams in Colorado. The next few days, weeks and months were filled with choices: schools, selling our home, buying vs. renting in Denver, neighborhoods, doctor referrals and working through what Bee Mighty would look like from half way across the country.

The adventure began and here we are in Denver four years later. 

Bee Mighty stayed stronger than ever, accomplishing more than we could ever imagine, funding over 200 families this year. Thanks to the dedicated board, hard working committees and support throughout the community in Charlotte, Bee Mighty continues to thrive.

As our lives began to grow in Denver, many of our new friends learned our story and loved Bee Mighty's mission. Often, people would ask how they could support us, a few even saying one day they were going to make it to our gala, Bee Something for Bee Mighty in Charlotte each fall. 

This year, Michael and I decided to bring Bee Mighty to Colorado. We didn't want to do another luncheon or golf tournament, instead, we sought to challenge ourselves outside of our comfort zone and climb a 14,000 foot peak, commonly known to locals as a 'Fourteen-er'.

We carefully selected one relatively "easy" (although, I beg to differ!), close to Denver. We knew it was a tremendous ask of friends to join us, because not only is a 14k ft peak physically challenging, but it also is 1.5 hours from Denver, in the mountains, with varying weather (possibly SNOW!). It is also critical to begin your climb at sunrise because thunderstorms roll in after noon and you can find yourself in extreme danger if you are caught above the tree line with lightening. This means, climbers with children would have to divide and conquer or find a sitter willing to show up at 4:30 in the morning. 

Our friend, David, asked me how many people I thought we would have on the climb. Taking into account all of the variables, I proudly said, "I would be happy with five!"

I knew it was a big ask, but I greatly underestimated our friends and their interest in Bee Mighty and support for us.

This Saturday, F I F T Y (50!) climbers showed up at sunrise, in the mountains, with the threat of rain (cold, icy rain) in the forecast. 

As they raced out the door with one eye barely open, one couple showed up without their backpack full of gear and provisions for the day. Another, walked right out the door in her flip flops, leaving her hiking boots snugly by the front door back in Denver, (She went back to climb Mt. Bierstadt by herself on Sunday!)

There were girlfriends, children, couples and families. 

It was extraordinary!
Climbing for a Cause

We want to thank fifty of our friends (and the loved ones that stayed behind, so their spouse could come) for climbing TEN miles to 14,060 feet for Bee Mighty and celebrating into the evening. Together, we raised closed to $5,000. 100% of those funds will go to children that need medical therapy or equipment, not provided by private insurance.

Lastly, I’ve included a video from a couple years ago, when we were just celebrating our 100th Bee Mighty family. (To date, we have funded over 200 families!) We hope this reminds all those that show Bee Mighty support, where your donation goes and the families, just like ours, that you are helping.  CLICK HERE

Until next year, Bee Mighty, Colorado!

Candace & Michael

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