Born @ 27 weeks
2lbs 7oz

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Ready to ROCK it!

Surgery (which we are fondly now referring to as 'procedure') is tomorrow. 

This little guy is planning to ROCK it! 

We took an official surgery tour last week, where both boys could:
- look and touch the IV, magic doors, beds with wheels
- see the (or a mock) operating room, the lights, tools, 
- pick the gas flavor
- tour the game rooms and most importantly
- ask questions.

Besides Nash saying, "This is going to be soooo scary, right? Like terrifying!!" as we were introduced to the Child Life Specialist 😳 Overall, the boys handled it well.

At the very end of the tour when Shaw was asked if he had any more questions, he looked right into her eyes and said, "I'm afraid the sleep gas is going to wear off in the middle of my procedure." 

My heart broke a little. I thought we had talked through everything so many times, but it never occurred to me that this could be heavy on his heart.

This afternoon, we are locked and loaded with every single thing I do not believe in in our refrigerator and pantry (from Oreos to sugar cereal, every flavor of ice cream to Fritos!). Nash picked out all of Shaw's favorites. They both deserve every last one!

The plan is to wake him up in he middle of the night for a super special snack in bed (since he can't eat after 4am). Then, off to 'fix my breathing!' as Shaw says.

The legos have arrived and movies are stacking up! Thank you so much for the sweet letters and notes to Shaw! He lights up like a Christmas tree when we tell him people are thinking of him. Thank you so very much. (And Frampton's, I can't even talk about the ziti!)

Thanks for the good karma, steady hands and prayers tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Candace and Shaw,
We are praying for a positive outcome with this surgery. We keep up with you through the Bookmiller's and are so impressed
With the way all of you handle Shawn situation. Positive thoughts coming your way.
With love,
Jay, Sandy, and Jason Crippen