Born @ 27 weeks
2lbs 7oz

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I promised myself that Caringbridge would be reserved for prayers. This is my shameless plug for positive thoughts for Sweet Baby Shaw and his MRI scheduled for 6am tomorrow morning.

While Shaw is thriving and surprising us every day, our Neurologist feels he is behind in his gross motor skills, among other things. In her most delicate and not-overly-sensitive words, “Let’s do this MRI to see what kind of brain damage has been done”.

As most know, Shaw had a brain bleed at birth (similar to a stroke), common in micro-preemies from the stress of pre-term labor. Fortunately, on a scale from 1 – 4 (one being the best case scenario), we have a Grade 2 (although some radiologists in the hospital suggested it may bridge the gap of a Grade 3).

Poor Shaw will have to stop eating tonight at midnight and (poor us) will have to endure his restlessness on an empty stomach until the procedure in the morning. Thank God this time, we will be allowed to be with him while he is being sedated. Unlike all the other times, where he was wheeled off (literally) in his isolette – just staring at us through the box until we disappeared behind closed doors. This time, he can peacefully fall asleep in our arms.

We pray that God is with Shaw through the sedation and for a peaceful and easy (ie – non-ventilator) recovery. We pray for positive results with no or limited permanent damage. We pray that our commitment, as parents, to stay focused on the present and not look too far into the future goes unwaivered. Mostly, we pray that our baby continues to be comfortable and happy, regardless of any test or analysis.

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts.

Candace, Michael, Nash & Shaw


PaPa said...

Always praying for all of you and will do a little overtime for God's hand on Shaw.

Anonymous said...

Candace, I am praying for all of your family and especially right now for little baby Shaw, for peace in his little body as he cannot eat tonight in preparation, for thankfulness to our Father for the complete healing of his beautiful brain so that there will be only positive reports after this MRI. Blessings on you and all the hands that touch and care for Shaw through this.
-Christine Mull

Laura said...

You are all constantly in my prayers, but even more so today, tonight and as you wait for the results of the MRI.

RobynMM said...

Will be praying for sweet Shaw - will also send your post along to family so their prayers will be sent your way as well.
I have faith that you'll soon be getting positive news soon!
- Robyn Malcomb

Anonymous said...

One day at a time, just one day at a time.....God is holding Shaw ever so gently. Be not afraid Candace and Michael God is with you all.
Love and hugs to all of your family.
Rina Gregson

Anonymous said...

thinking of you all and will say a prayer!

Anonymous said...

Candace, Sending prayers and thoughts to you all. Your faithfulness and joyful heart continue to uplift me. It is so hard to trust, endure and praise when so much is "unknown". I will pray for Shaw, you, Michael & Nash. I'll lift up also all people involved with the MRI--asking for wisdom, patience and love for Shaw. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your journey.

Metrolina Plastic Surgery said...

May God's hand hold Shaw tomorrow morning and may His peace and Love continue to sustain you all. Grace is hard to come by, you friend embody the phrase. All my love and heartfelt prayers.

Leezah, Broc, Sloan and Hudson

Anonymous said...

Our prayers have never wavered since Shaw came into our realm and will continue our prayers for good news each and every day through each and every procedure!!
Please do remember, you have the power of the word NO when it is simple an information gleaning procedure and your heart says this timing is not right!!
Love you guys!!!
Cheryl & Jimmy

Andy Vernon said...

I have said it many times, God is the Great Physician....He can do all things! I pray that the test will go well!

Anonymous said...

Know that we will will send all of our love, hope , and intention for Shaw's positive results and for a successful and peaceful procedure.
We love you,
Andrea and Jason

Hope Gough said...

Praying with you dear friends! For His mercies are new each day! Love you. Hope