Born @ 27 weeks
2lbs 7oz

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pinch me. I must be dreaming.

Is it possible?

I am afraid to jinx us, but I'm too elated not to talk about it.... I feel like we may have turned a corner in the Richter household.

Almost instantaneously, it is as if Shaw is a different (happier) baby. His reflux is improving. While he still spits up, it no longer is projectile, which makes for a fun game of constant clean up & bathing for Mommy and Daddy.

Baby Shaw is belly crawling!!!! He is mobile!!! This also means our little determined guy sees something he wants and uses all of his strength to get over to it. This type of exploration is monumental for his cognitive development, not to mention gross motor skills.

Finally, baby Shaw is sleeping.

Since we have been home from the holidays, baby Shaw takes both his naps in his crib (no more strollers or car rises or hoops and hurdles we have jumped through for 11 months to get this kiddo some rest). We lay him in his crib (AWAKE!) and he rolls to his belly and falls fast asleep. (I could cry just typing that).

This doesn't mean Shaw is logging a full night's rest without waking. He continues to be up every three hours; however, as long as he isn't fighting us (the bouncing, pacing, rocking, screaming, etc). We will gladly get up every three hours!!!

I can't believe it, even as I'm typing, but Shaw has even slept until 8am this week, as opposed to the 4:30am/5am regular wake up calls.

Believe me, we have traced every inch of our steps to determine how Shaw has made such strides overnight. Our Physical Therapist had a theory today, that since Shaw is moving, he has reached a milestone of independence. Not only is he expending additional energy, requiring more rest, but he also is 'proud' of himself and his accomplishments, making him happier - and content.

I like her philosophy better than any of the others Michael and I have conjured up. To think, our baby is content... Finally. Could we ask for more?

Here is to a healthy and happy 2012!

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