Born @ 27 weeks
2lbs 7oz

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When It Rains It Pours....


BABY SHAW SAT UP (on his own) yesterday!!!! Not one, not two, but THREE times.

Weeks ago, Shaw was tested for his developmental ability for his 'corrected age'. This is not his actual age (almost 14 months), but measuring him on what he can do compared to the average 10.5 month old.

While Shaw could army crawl and sit (for minutes at a time without support), he could not 'transition' from hands and knees to sitting. I have learned that we spend 80% of our daily lives in the 'transitions,' utilizing the rotation from our trunks to do most things. Because of Shaw's low trunk tone, his scores reflected he was doing 5% of what the average 10.5 month old should be doing at his age.

That said, he is so stinking cute and happy - who cares about the percentages!! He showed us, once again, that he will do things on his own time.

At 14 months old, Baby Shaw TRANSITIONED to sitting.... and then crawled on his hands and knees!!

While this doesn't sound as momentous as it is, he is finally mastering the key piece that may allow him to walk.

I haven't been able to stop smiling.

As if this isn't enough, after 408 sleepless nights (and believe me, I'm counting), Baby Shaw slept through the night.

God is SO good.

A rested Momma = a happy home.

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Amy Lynch said...

Best news I've heard in a long, long time! Shaw continues to amaze and inspire! Hoping for many more restful nights. Hugs and love!!
Amy Lynch