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2lbs 7oz

Sunday, March 18, 2012

We Have Arrived!

Michael and I used to talk about kids and what our family would look like, long before they were a reality. We fantasized about soccer games, ski trips, weeks at the beach with our friends and their families, going trick-or-treating, playing Crosspool on July 4th with the Dads, evening strolls to get ice cream, hiking with baby backpacks…. Silly things you just picture.

I am tickled to say that we achieved two ‘milestones’ with our boys this weekend! The first – being active with our kids. We have always envisioned taking our children camping, skiing, hiking, biking, etc. It has been so much a part of our lifestyles before we even knew each other and then together. We always talked about incorporating those activities with our family.. See milestone picture below. (This may seem like a ridiculous accomplishment – but there have been many days I wasn’t sure our family would go on a bike ride together). Yahoo! (It was such a success Saturday, that we did it again Sunday!)

Another ‘parent moment’ we have talked about, is watching our kids play soccer. My husband is a very gifted player and I’ve known since the moment I met him we would be kicking around the soccer ball on picnics, at the beach, in the house (ugh!) – even if our kids chose not to take it up as a sport. There is a soccer ball ever-present. Watching a handful of two-year olds play soccer is comical. Michael and I beamed from ear to ear and laughed and cheered. How fun!

All in all a very exciting weekend!

In more important news, Shaw did fabulously during his procedure on Wednesday. He recuperated from the anesthesia well and we were home, sleeping the rest of the day away by mid afternoon. The Pulmonologist did find two cysts on his larynx. These are filled with mucus and should be uneventful; however, we have been instructed to see our ENT next week for a more thorough follow up.

During the bronchcoscopy, the doctor also took secretions from Shaw’s lungs. He feels certain that Shaw has asthma, but we will have to wait two weeks for the results to come back. We will review the findings and address as necessary.

All in all – manageable.

The most exciting news, is that one week from today, BOTH our boys are going to be baptized. It is a long story, one for another day, but I am beside myself to have them both baptized. (Although, I cannot imagine what Nash is going to do in front of a few hundred people!)

Speaking of Nash and his future playing soccer, I failed to mention above, at that same practice we were ‘beaming,’ Nash was also kicked out….. for hugging. (Not kidding). While all the other children had on their ‘listening ears,' sitting patiently on their ball, waiting for instructions. Our son was the one going to each player, knocking them off their ball, trying to give them a hug. 

 What a fabulous weekend!

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post! You always bring tears to my eyes...with your ability to find great joy in each and every moment. I cannot be happier for your family and can not wait to come and see one of these hugging soccer games!