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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Braces - and not the kind for your teeth

We've spent the week getting settled back into our routine after our glorious vacation. Everyone has been healthy and we are rested. (It's amazing what sleep and relaxation can do for your patience level with a one and two year old).

Yesterday our PT suggested that Shaw be fitted for braces on his legs. Shaw, "Mr. Me Too," is chasing around his big brother, so much (pulling his little right leg behind him as he army crawls) that he is pulling him self to standing (90% from arm strength) and doing everything he can to keep up. The thought is if the braces can keep him flat-footed and off his toes, he may have a chance down the road of being able to balance and withstand 'standing'.

Prayer request: A month ago we met with the Pulmonologist, who suggested he was hearing 'wheezing' and inconsistency in Shaw's airways. We are already acutely aware of his fragile lungs, having ended up in the hospital and ER a handful of times from a minor cold. Tomorrow, Shaw will be put to sleep (again) for a broncospope. (This is where they take a little camera and go down through his larynx and check all airways to ensure they are not obstructed. They will also rule out asthma, stridor, fluid in the lungs, etc).

I am incredibly anxious about this procedure for some reason. It is non-intrusive and common (well, for some of those in our situation). Shaw has been under anesthesia numerous times, but it is never an easy decision and always makes me incredibly tense.

We are praying for the Lord to guide the doctors' hands, comfort & provide a quick/seamless recovery for Shaw and if they do in face find something, let it please, please, please be minor. Praying for good news.


Lucia Dawkins said...

dear little mr me too, you have already endured mt kilimanjaro and more so you just behave tomorrow for your will just kinda like climbing a wee fourteener in colorado. whatever they may or may not find know that you can push forward and rise above the obstacles! you have the best famly and they will help you along the way. love, your friend, little lady lucia

Jessi said...

Hey! I found your blog through Mom Can I. Just wanted to say "hi" and to encourage you a bit. Our Jack has braces and we refer to them as his "miracle shoes". Seriously. He can walk so well with them! I always love "meeting" other preemie families. I will make sure to check back on your blog to see how things are going!