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2lbs 7oz

Thursday, March 8, 2012

How do YOU spell Heaven?

Adults only P.A.R.K. C.I.T.Y (in March).

Little Stinker, Shaw Richter, did his best to keep Momma & Daddy home, spiking a fever the night before we left. Michael and I toyed with switching flights, as the guilt and worry began to creep in.  

With a little encouragement from our medical friends and utmost confidence in my Mother-in-law (coupled with the fever subsiding the morning of our flight), Michael and I left for the mountains and quite honestly had the best vacation we could have ever imagined.

It had snowed consistently for a week prior, allowing us to play in the powder in 50+ degree, blue-bird days. We laughed more than we have in a very long time.

I can’t lie. Our plans of staying out late and pretending we were 25 with our new (and time-stamped) freedom didn’t last. We tried – only to find ourselves tucked in bed with smore-filled bellies, a burning fire and exhausted muscles early each night. It was absolutely heavenly.

Both Michael and I agree – especially after the year that we have had – that we will make each other (and our Adult Time) a priority. While we missed our boys, I haven’t laughed so hard or been more smitten in a very long time. I have missed my husband (and being his wife).

We are incredibly indebted (again!) to our parents. Nash was in great hands with Bebo, Missy & his Aunt Becca, as well as his Nana, Dixie & Jackson.  (I do have to say, I had a little concern when I asked my Dad how the potty-training went during his two-hour trip to Greensboro. He assured me that Nash did great.  He then told me they stopped at a hotel, had my two-year-old carry a stool inside and ask the receptionist if he could ‘go pee-pee in the potty’. While I think my mouth gaped open, as I was hearing this over the phone. My father (in classic Bebo style), said, “What?! Nash said ‘Thanks so much’, as he was leaving the hotel”. (Carrying his stool no doubt). 

As for sweet Baby Shaw, his fever returned and spawned into another double ear infection, leaving my Mother & Father-in-law up at all hours with an uncomfortable little guy. Their visit not only included trips and phone calls to the doctor and pharmacy, but also the worry of taking care of a medically-fragile child – all the time providing reassurance to us on the other end that Baby Shaw was going to be just fine. Thank God for their tender and attentive care. I couldn’t imagine Shaw being in better hands.

We are SO grateful for our families, their support and encouragement and for loving our babies (almost) as much as we do.  We could not have done this trip without them. 

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beck said...

tears of happiness for you guys, truly... I know that Shaw & Nash were in the best of hands with your family. SO so happy that you two were able to get away together. miss & love, xoxo