Born @ 27 weeks
2lbs 7oz

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shaw's procedure seemed to take longer than usual today. However, our ENT finally came out and said all went well. He said Shaw was having a hard time waking up.

Shaw was having such a hard time coming off the anesthesia. He gasped for air and his stridor was back. They told me to come back to recovery to soothe him. He was so grey/blue. He was desatting so much, we were having to give him blow bys of O2.

The doctors decided he was working too hard to breathe and had to place him on the ventilator. We were transported to the Intensive Care Unit, where we will stay until Shaw can breathe on his own and the swelling in his airway subsides. Until then, Shaw is heavily sedated with morphine and unresponsive except to show his aggravation from the tube.

We pray Shaw's lungs stay protected from aspiration, while he is intubated. We pray God shields Shaw from deadly infections, while we are in the PICU and we pray that the swelling in his windpipe subsides with limited scarring to his larynx. We pray for guidance of the doctors and nurses' hands. Mostly, we pray baby Shaw is comfortable and his pain is minimal.

Thank you for your prayers.

(photo of Shaw just prior to surgery)

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Jen Dalton said...

Dearest ones, you all and especially Shaw are in our prayers. May God's healing hand continue to be on Mighty Shaw. May His comfort continue to encompass you and Michael. Sending all our love and thousands of prayers~Jen