Born @ 27 weeks
2lbs 7oz

Friday, April 20, 2012


Not much to report from the ICU. Shaw is still heavily sedated and all together out of it. This is by design. any movement and the ventilator will do more damage to his airway.

The frustration lies with choosing the lesser of many evils. For example, Shaw needs to breathe, but can't on his own, so needs the ventilator to breathe for him. However, the ventilator causes trauma to an already narrow airway (like swelling, cysts, forms scar tissue and exacerbates his lung issues). Yesterday, we had cysts removed from previous intubation, which in turn left him intubated..... It's cyclical.

He also has to restrained (hands tied to the bed) and knocked out with heavy drugs, which all have side effects (dependency, brain issues, etc) Shaw already has such brain abnormalities that this can complicate it further, but again, he has to breathe so we can't focus on the mind-erasing drugs he is getting.

The doctor's strategy tonight is to keep Shaw heavily sedated and hopefully extubate tomorrow morning. We will see how much swelling is in his windpipe and pray that it does not close where we would have to reintubate, causing further damage.

Right now, Shaw is comfortable. We pray for a peaceful night.

Thank you so much to Kay & Amy from my bible study that brought over meals today and yesterday. Thanks, Nana for watching Nash. And of course to Stephanie Reynolds, who was in the lobby at 7:30 this morning ready to see her Godson.


beck said...

Many many prayers!
We LOVE you, the hortons

Julia Mar said...

We've been thinking about and praying for little Shaw. Love and hugs from the Moss family XOXO

karenlynn said...

Praying for you, Candace. Love, Karen