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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In the Woods (continued)

I feel like we are at soccer camp. Games in the morning. Rest. Eat. Back for games in the evening. Not to mention all the camaraderie in between!!

Shaw is doing well. He shocked me this morning, as two days ago he really didn't realize he had feet. Today, he would tap one, then the other on command. Fascinating.

While John is massaging and positing Shaw just right, he also is teaching his brain 'differences'. The thought behind ABM is that perception of differences (throughout life) is what makes you smarter (or in our case, makes the brain work). For example, a Neurosurgeon knows the precise difference between the parts of the brain and what needs to happen to make it function. When you're old enough to drive, you learn the difference between road signs. When your Nash's age, you're learning the difference between making friends and kicking them in the shins. It's the perception of difference that determines our intelligence.

On Shaw's level, that is fast vs. slow or hard vs. soft, momma vs. Shaw or foot vs hand. Sounds simple, but it is teaching his brain to function, rather than just respond.

Another great day for all!

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