Born @ 27 weeks
2lbs 7oz

Monday, May 7, 2012

Surgery scheduled

The ENT on call this morning at the hospital determined that Shaw's vocal chords were not moving entirely.

By 9am, we had spoken personally with our ENT - who is not even working today. He was at thr hospital by noon. He has reserved an OR to preform a rigid broncoscospy tomorrow afternoon on Shaw. A rigid bronch is non-invasive surgery that allows them to see below the vocal chords. (this is Shaw's fourth bronch since February).

Dr Mair assured us he was going to do everything in his power not to intubate Shaw. We're hoping the stridor is being caused by a scar ban that has developed since his last surgery on 4/19. Ideally, they will be able to 'snip' the scar tissue, while they are down there an free his airway.

Please, please let this be the last 'event' for our sweet baby (and family) for some time. He is tired - and afraid and deserves so much more. We pray for guided hands and a healthy outcome - and lean heavily on our faith and each other.


Anonymous said...

Dear Richters, I'm so sorry for little Shaw having to go through this - poor little thing. I am praying for Shaw & you guys - am praying for strength for you all & complete healing for little Shaw.

Please don't be shy about calling on us should you need anything at all.

- The Honeycutt's

Lori McFarling said...

What a sweet, brave boy. He remains in our prayers.

Lori McFarling

Patrick and Daniele said...

Dear Candace Michael and Nash

Another step to go through on this long journey...
Give tour strength and courage to baby Shaw in this new adventure.
We pray for you all and send you all our love and affection
Daniele and Patrick and JB and Laurina

Chrysti Hill said...

Thinking of you often. Wishing you all continued strength. xoxo Chrysti Hill

Anonymous said...

Shaw - Stay strong buddy! Get through this procedure like a champ and then treat your parents and brother to a bunch of smiles!

You're in our thoughts and prayers!


The Verdecchias

Lucia Dawkins said...

come on baby shaw! you are much stronger now and will some day be out of the woods! we are praying for you and your family. love, Lucia and family

beck said...

prayers prayers & more prayers. love you richter team! xoxo, the hortons

The Sweeneys said...

Candace and Michael,
We have been thinking of you guys all day and you are heavy on our hearts!! I pray that everything goes very smoothly tomorrow and this helps Shaw with his breathing from here on out!! Please know that you have a huge prayer chain behind you.

Anonymous said...

Candace and Michael,
We love you and are sending our deepest hope and intention for a successful surgery with a speedy recovery...Your family will be in our thoughts...

With Love,
Andrea and Jason

Anonymous said...

You are in our thoughts & prayers! I know you are all so tired! Keep loving on each other! We are sending lots of love & hope & good energy!
Love, The Verdecchias

Anonymous said...

Praying for your family. You will be in great hands with Dr Mair, as you already know. Will be praying all day. Jane and Will

Anonymous said...

Aunt Steff-ney and Uncle Shaun are praying, praying, praying! In Jesus' Mighty Name Shaw will be HEALED!!!!!! Keep the faith my loves!! We love ya'll!! xoxoxo