Born @ 27 weeks
2lbs 7oz

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Let the countdown begin

A Restless night, coupled with a hungry baby (that cant eat after 8am) keep all of us anxious for surgery scheduled today at 3pm.

The doctors wanted to get Shaw 24 hours of decadron - a major steroid with hopes to decrease the swelling (and potentially avoid surgery). No such luck. Shaw's breathing is the same as before, only mow he is agitated and uncomfortable with the iv, blood pressure, heart monitors and everyone that looks his way.

Today, they will be trying a 'balloon' technique, where they insert a ballon into Shaw's airway, then inflate it to expand (and hopefully break up) the tight area so they can work and hopefully prevent additional scar tissue from growing. They also are considering injecting his vocal chords with steroids. The third option is trying a chemical to decrease the scar tissue. My head spins.

As of this morning, Dr Mair is going to be assisted by Dr Hoover, both very familiar with Shaw - and both openly perplexed by the problems Shaw is having.

We all are praying to uncover the problem FOR GOOD with as little airway support as possible.

Many have asked our new temporary address: 10006 Park Willow Drive Charlotte, NC 28210. (Although we are not living there, it is the best way to reach us).

Thank again for so many warm thoughts and prayers for today.

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Jen Dalton said...

Praying lots and sending lots of hugs for our little man Shaw. Love to you all~Jen