Born @ 27 weeks
2lbs 7oz

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Shaw is out of surgery and doing great!!!! He did not need to be intubated and is eating and smiling and sounds 1Mx better.

The Doctors identified the scar band and were able to 'scrape away' the extra tissue. (see photos below of his windpipe/vocal chords before and after).

They did inject steroids into the vocal chords but did not need the chemical or balloon!!

The scar tissue may return, but right now we're focused on the fact we didn't have to be intubated and (fingers crossed) may go home tomorrow.

Thank you So much for continued prayers for our family.

Photos include: Nash's girlfriend, Julia Uher, recovering from her tonsillectomy on the floor below. Brave girl!! And photos of Daddy & Shaw pre and post surgery.

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Jen Dalton said...

Yay, so glad they didn't have to intubate! Hope he will be home today. I love the last pic of Shaw and Mikey. Shaw's face is like, "Really, this crap again?! Come on people!" Priceless. Love and hugs to all!!!