Born @ 27 weeks
2lbs 7oz

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So Fitting...

That we would be bringing our baby home from the hospital today. May 9th is Shaw's actual due date. He is 'officially' a year old (although we have been blessed to know him much longer).

Shaw, Nash and I just got home from the hospital. Shaw is doing great! He is playing (still afraid of anyone but Team Richter) but breathing better.

As always, Shaw doesn't do things the 'regular' way. It is rare that a child is discharged directly from the intensive care unit (our nurses didn't even know how to do the paperwork, since they're usually busy saving lives). Leave it to Shaw to continue to teach everyone he encounters.

Michael has been in DC for the day, while Shaw has insisted on being held. So I am falling into bed at 8pm with promises of the sweetest dreams to have our boys under the same roof!!

Photos of Shaw wrapping it up at Levine's, while Nash celebrated our raspberry & blueberry bushes blooming.

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Daniele and Patrick said...

Happy (virtual) birthday Shaw!!!!!
We are in Corsica and we hope one day he can discover this part of the world just like his parents did a few years ago....
Love and kisses from us all

Daniele and Patrick and JB and Laurina