Born @ 27 weeks
2lbs 7oz

Saturday, May 12, 2012

S L O W Down.

Shaw is thriving. We have weaned him from the steroids, so he is less fidgety and breathing better and better. Michael and I agree that the therapy we did in the mountains is shining through. We can tell he is hungry - anxious to move, eager to pull up, wanting to talk and communicate. After weeks of prompting, Shaw finally leaned in and gave sloppy, gooey kisses - THE BEST EVER. Mommy squeals with delight, sending Shaw into giggles. You can imagine how many times we played this game.

Michael asked me how I would like to spend Mother's Day weekend. Our kids were loaded by 9am and Team Richter headed to pick strawberries. While Nash ate three to every one he put in his basket, it was good to be a family - and simple. Last year this time, I spent Mother's Day between both my boys, one in the confines of the hospital walls. I am just grateful to have all of us under one roof.

We're going to keep things simple. Slowing it down. Enjoying each other. Relishing sunsets and picnics. Feeling lucky that God picked me to be the Mom to these two boys.

Happy Birthday, Easton.

Welcome to the world, sweet Anna Merritt Rawald!

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