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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fathers Day Bust

My original plan: Following a fun-filled day at the beach, a Scenic biking excursion for Team Richter to a remote location on the beach for a sunset picnic celebrating Daddy.

Reality: Mommy forgot to check the tide schedule. High tide at dinner time = no biking on the beach. Being resourceful, I quickly pretended that was all part of the plan and redirected our picnic to a fun park with beach views. Minutes after unpacking our meal, we were covered in ants with views only of the beach trash cans with smells that go with it. With a fake smile on my face (all the while talking 'adventure' to my three boys), Michael and I dragged our kids and bikes to the neighboring Holiday Inn (boo), where we sat poolside, staring at bodies that should not be sporting bikinis or body-covered tattoos, drinking wine from a sippy cup (alas Mommy also forgot the glasses!) - all the while STILL celebrating Daddy.

And being the incredible man that he is... Michael smiled (and laughed at me and all my failed attempts) the entire time.

My husband is a good man. His heart is pure. He is kind and he is so stinking funny. And he is an exceptional and EXTRAORDINARY father.

If someone asked me what to look for in a marriage, I would say - at the top of my list - find someone that makes you laugh. I remember when we first got married, I would wake up laughing (what an incredible feeling) at something witty my husband had said or done before we fell asleep.

While critical in a marriage (in my opinion), it is even more important as a Dad. You can't imagine what it feels like to hear the walls of our home bursting at the seams with giggles from the boys with their father. My heart wants to explode sometimes when I catch Michael loving on these boys.

Nash and Shaw are crazy about their Daddy - and rightfully so. He is handsome and funny, kind and compassionate, smart and determined. I hope to raise two boys that are just like him!

Happy Father's Day to the wonderful father of my children. (And I promise, we will never go back to the Holiday Inn again!)

PS - we dodged a bullet today at the doctor. Surgery postponed until later this summer. We'll take it.

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Jen Dalton said...

Such a cute and sweet Father's Day for Michael!

Glad to hear about Shaw's surgery postponement!

Love to all~

Aunt Jen