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Sunday, July 1, 2012

One Small Step... One GIGANTIC milestone!!

I have been pulling my hair out the last two days, as Shaw has refused to nap, making the evenings quite trying for everyone. 

I remember with Nash - anytime he mastered a milestone like rolling over or sitting up, he would forfeit naps or sleep less a few days prior. It was as if his mind was reeling with excitement and determination. Sleep would only slow him down. 

I watched Shaw on the monitor yesterday. He scooted from one side of the crib to the other, for over two hours. He was laughing and babbling to himself. Unbeknownst to us, he was tackling a new milestone - the best of all.... WALKING!

Team Richter had a very exciting Saturday! It is hard to admit that there were many days we wondered if this would ever happen - and it's here!! (I still feel like we are in a dream).

It is difficult to articulate what this milestone means for our family and especially for Shaw. The road may still be long, but the hope and possibilities are endless. In a single day, so many of our fears have been squashed and at the same time dreams resuscitated.

We love our boys - wheelchair, walker, braces, equipment or running shoes - and stay very proud of them. They continue to amaze us and confirm our faith. 

The doors that have been opened today are endless. We are humbled by God's grace.

Candace, Michael, Nash and Man-on-the-move, Shaw Richter

sunset from the Chart House

Nash befriending the band to have a turn on the bongos.  Lots of celebrating to be done.

From Gemma & Sarah Close  :)

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