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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Big Momma

I had so many questions when I learned my husband called one of his grandmothers "Big Momma".
  - Was she a giant? (She is the most petite, feisty, witty woman I've met).
  - Do you say "Mrs. Big Momma"? (She would make fun of me if she knew I asked that). 
  - What do I call her? (Um - Big Momma, of course). 
  - What on earth do you call your grandfather? (Big Daddy. What else? Not kidding.) 

The only two things I know is:
  1) the only thing BIG about Big Momma is her personality and
  2) If I'm blessed with Grandchildren, I cannot wait for them to call me Big Momma.

Well, Big Momma is not at all what I had in mind when we took Shaw to his first Hippotherapy Lesson today (horse therapy). I pictured a half-pint, shetland pony that I could step on if he got rowdy with my little one.

Wouldn't you know, there is a respiratory infection in the barn (ironic for the fact that Shaw's biggest challenge at the moment is respiratory).  Shaw was scheduled to ride one of the sweet miniature ponies, instead the riding barn is under quarantine, so we can only ride the show horses. (gulp)

Mind you, I am afraid of horses, so when we showed up for our therapy session today and the therapist was walking BIG Momma to the ring, my heart began to race.

Our little guy climbed on Big Momma and towered over the side walkers. (There are two side-walkers, bracing Shaw on each side. There is also Erin, the therapist, and another hand to lead the horse. We were not short on support). I settled into my post on the fence and watched our little miracle ride a horse at 1.5 years old. It was really incredible.

Make A Wish - and the volunteers that partner to make this program work are phenomenal.

Shaw wasn't a huge advocate of being so high on the horse with so many hands on him, but it was his first time. All parties involved (without my input) agreed Big Momma was a little too big for Shaw, so we are going to be changing ponies for our therapy session on Thursday.

What an exciting day for all of us. (Especially Nash, he met Bambi).

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