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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rainy Days.

We may have been here for the the first two tropical storms of the season (in MAY - which is unheard of), but unlike most, the boys and I relish rainy days at the beach.

Not only does the rain bring food for the flowers and animals and the thunder sounds like God playing the drums, but it also means days of staying in pajamas, puddle jumping, watching our first movie (Bambi), 

painting, sidewalk chalk, games, lots and lots of 'special projects' and baking cookies with our cousin.

Sometimes, I think the boys would prefer to stay indoors for our activities than dig in the sand.

Occasionally, we get caught in the rain (and Nash laughs the entire way home!)

Sometimes, we get caught after the rain without a bathing suit...

Sometimes, one third of us sleeps through the rain...

But the best part about the rain is spending time with the boys. This week, Nash has started going to the potty by himself (thanks, Nana) - turning on the light, washing his hands, WIPING, pulling up his pants and all. I no longer have to even go in the bathroom! (Huge milestone for those that don't have kids!) He is getting his milk from the fridge and water from the sink with a stool. He gets in his car seat by himself and wants to pick out his clothes. I'm beginning to realize that when I am pulling out my hair and the boys have EXHAUSTED me, it all seems to be going by so fast. How much longer will they willingly play with me in the rain?

How much longer will they want to play naked in the sand? 

Hilton Head has really s l o w e d things down for us. I am grateful DAILY that we are not rushing around to appointments, talking diagnosis, feeling anxiety about expectations and measurments. Our boys are laughing and playing together. It is simple. My favorite so far are the dinner picnics,

special visitors (Aunt Chow, from Grow Food Carolina, that always travels with fresh food and cocktails. She takes the time to talk to our boys about the importance of good food and where it comes from - here are Nash & Clow shucking corn), 

and celebrating my sweet niece's 14th birthday!

And that was just this weekend...

It's not all rainbows (and denial). We are traveling back to Charlotte next week for some therapy, appointments and potentially surgery. We will find out on Wednesday. Surgery is potentially scheduled for Thursday. Praying, praying praying Shaw is spared another surgery and can continue with this new found happiness and freedom where he is thriving.

More to come.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful...Sounds like the stuff dreams are made fact....I am pretty sure these are days of many of your dreams coming true.... Enjoy.....
We love you guys!
Andre and Jason