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Thursday, July 26, 2012

May the Grass Not Grow..

Fabulous adult weekend with my husband in Portland, OR. So filling to see old friends that know you so well and celebrate the marriage of Patrick and Rhea Grogan.

The Columbia River Gorge was a breathtaking backdrop to a spectacular wedding. Add a blue grass band, fire pit, glow-in-the-dark frisbees, intense hikes, local brews and infinite laughs - and our weekend couldn't have been more complete.

As a bonus, I had the chance to visit with two other friends, living in Portland from different walks of life - Seth Dennis, from my days living in San Francisco and Mandy Heaton, from years and years of working at the Discovery Channel.

Seeing such dear friends reminds me of a favorite Native American proverb, "May the grass not grow across the path of friendship!" (Thanks, Kim!)

I wonder where we would be without such an intricate support system...

View from the Skamania Lodge
Bald Eagle
Bobbi & Matt Rowe (Chicago), Trevor Read (San Francisco), Sabrina Walsh (San Francisco)

Wow - donations are flowing at Bee Mighty! Thank you to the Nunn and Uher families for working with their companies to donate and match Bee Mighty contributions! Thank you Kane family for their donation and to my amazing Bible Study - Nancy Johnson, Carol Burgess and Allison Surles for their purchase of Bee Mighty Tshirts!!

Welcome to the world, William Douglas Uher! Congratulations, Paul, Cameron & big sister, Julia.

Nash & Shaw at the stables
Nana & Shaw

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