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Friday, July 20, 2012

Caputo Kindness

I've never quite considered an airport 'cute' until HIlton Head. Hilarious - its 8am and security is still soundly sleeping. The same guy giving me a boarding pass is wanding the very 'sketchy' looking golfers and kids with sand pails through the one-man security. This same gentleman also proceeds to the gate to take our tickets and ironically loads our bags on the twin engine prop plane. Talk about having multiple job skills!

Michael has spent the week in Boulder, CO at his Business Banking Graduate program, leaving the boys and I to adventures of our own.

We took a very special trip to Savannah to visit one of my dear friends from college, Laura Whitener Caputo. Laura and I have kept up over the years, not seeing each other as often as we would like, but Laura has a way of 'showing up' when it really counts. She has a gift of knowing just what to say or when to reach out or thoughtful blessings to share during difficult times in my life. She has traveled around the world to visit me, wherever I am and she even popped up in Charlotte last year to personally give me a hug, as we were en route to the hospital to visit Shaw. I feel very honored that our friendship has endured almost twenty years. How fun to have our children play and splash together - probably something we dreamt about years ago.

Laura's husband, Mike, took our breath away this week. He is allowed to select a charity for the year with his company and choose Bee Mighty for 2013!! Mike will graciously donate a portion of his earnings and his company will match (free money!!) EACH month of 2013. This is close to a $15,000 commitment for next year!! (holy smokes!)

We are simply amazed and humbled and speechless. (and quietly screaming with exhalation!) it's happening.

Thank you, Caputo family, for your gracious commitment and limitless friendship.

Thinking of The Loyds and Honeycutts as their babes are on the brink of arrival.

Saying a prayer for Meghan's father and family and for the victims of the CO shooting this morning.

And special thanks to Nonnie & Papa who came down to HHI to take care of our munchkins, so Miguel and I can have a weekend away on Portland, OR celebrating the marriage of Rhea & Patrick Grogan.

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