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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bee Mighty

It is with great pride that Michael and I officially launch our foundation,

 Might*y [mahy-tee] – adj.
Showing superior power or strength.
Exceptional. Invincible. Unlimited.

During the last year, we have juggled raising a rambunctious, hilarious toddler, two babies (fifteen months apart) and the blessings that come with a medically-fragile, special needs child. Through all of our experiences, we are only certain of the following:

1)   Each child’s potential is unlimited.
2)   As parents, it is our mission to ensure they have equal opportunity.

Sadly, more than half of our time is allocated to fighting insurance, researching financial resources, applying for grants and begging for Medicaid.

Besides standing in long lines at the Department of Social Services, working with countless social workers and hammering our state and local constituents for resources available for babies like Shaw… we learned that we are not alone. Countless families, innumerable children are denied financial resources for the critical, doctor-assigned care for their development.

India Soloman, mother to preemie LJ, could not get the therapy and long term care her son desperately needed for the best quality of life. She was forced to quit her full time job and go back to school, in order to qualify for Medicaid to guarantee her son would receive therapies, equipment, etc. (Don’t get me started on the entire healthcare plan). But these are choices families in predicaments like ours are faced with.  

Leslie Glenn, Pediatric Physical Therapist recently said, “Lack of access to therapy can lead to serious deficits - permanent deformity, limited skill development or lack of locomotion. I am still haunted by a child that was denied both therapy and a wheelchair by insurance.”
As Michael and I continue to navigate the world of insurance, healthcare, Medicaid, grant writing and advocacy for Shaw, we have identified there is an enormous deficit for middle class families, just like ours.

We created Bee Mighty to help those families faced with unexpected medical crisis following in our path. Bee Mighty was established so that families can focus on each other and concentrate on the development of their child without the added stress of financial ruin. Our mission is to provide financial assistance to the parents of micro preemies already battling significant medical challenges with limited financial resources, enhancing the child’s development and quality of life.

Bee Mighty is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) fund, providing tax deductions for all that show their support. We are most excited about our recent partnership with The Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation and Hemby’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (where Shaw called home for 122 days).

Our foundation will help provide financial support (traditional and alternative therapies, medical equipment like leg braces, wheelchairs, etc, which are often denied to a child). These tiny babies are mighty in spirit and deserve the best chance to overcome the obstacles they are facing.
We have been so blessed with your support and prayers these last seventeen months. We ask that you donate, if you are able and directly impact the lives of children like Shaw. If you cannot donate at this time, please share our story – with your families, churches, friends and colleagues. Awareness is half the battle.

Checks to: Bee Mighty
 c/o Presbyterian Health Foundation
PO Box 33549
Charlotte, NC  28233-3549

All donations are tax deductable.
100% of the proceeds go to the development of the child.
Please visit to see other ways to get involved.
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Please support our quest to make a difference in the lives of other preemies, as we continue to watch Shaw inspire all of us.

Team Richter

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