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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sandy Summer Full of Guests

Summer has not only been fabulous at the beach, but we have had such great company. 
Weekend after weekend, we have the best visitors...
Richter boys in their Bee Mighty tshirts (Thanks Marj & Ben!)

leaving the beach for the day, chasing his brother (sans clothes = typical)

Somehow our son always ends up naked.
This began as a simple (clothed) fishing adventure with his Bebo...

Sweet Katherin Rawald

Team Richter

We have perfected the art of sandcastles, trenches, tunnels, moats, drip castles, pools...
you name it, we do it.

Dinner picnics on the beach with Bebo & Missy

My dad actually got up to join us for our morning walks (must be love...for his grandsons)
Wait. Is Nash naked again? No - there are underpants this time.

See a trend? 

who knew you could even bike naked? (He is going to kill me one day).

Muscle man, pushing his brother

cliche, but fabulous
A vist from Maddie & Zalon, our HungariAmerican friends.

College friends - Miguel & Jeff

We love the Atwoods.

New beach friends, Riley & Journey
Luisa, who started as our Nanny and became our family.
She drove down just for the night to see her boys. I know from meeting her beautiful granddaughter, Jailyn,
that anything Luisa is involved in is precious.

Morning nap time, on the beach. 
Beach sunrises - pajamas required. 

I can't talk about how NOT right this is.

Girls night in Charleston with Clow

Old friends from San Francisco.... Sara Clow, Suzanne & Chris Bowers.
It's like you see them and exhale.
Those kind of friends.
Morning walks on HHI - stunning - ALL THE TIME.

And lastly - but certainly not least, a surprise visit from Skip and Lucille from Austin, TX. Lucille, Michael's aunt & uncle, had a preemie (yay Jenny!) 35 years ago. Her first bath was in a cool-whip bowl. They have been incredibly inspirational and encouraging along the way (from sending the little bonnet their daughter wore in the NICU, blessed with love from Michael's grandmother 35 years ago, and knitted around an orange, because there wasn't anything small enough to use as a model - to their last letter that included Holy Water from Turkey for Shaw). Thank you Skip & Lucille.

And the summer is only half way over...

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