Born @ 27 weeks
2lbs 7oz

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Therapy. Encouragement. And lots of B O Y S.

We've spent a few days in Charlotte this week...
Physical Therapy. 

Speech Therapy. 

Neurosurgery. (no photo)

As always, Shaw was busy. Stretching. Strategizing (learning to push/pull/maneuver specific toys). Walking. Toddling. Repeating. 

We push him. It is supposed to feel like fun, but we have an agenda. (I hate that - always having a goal our son should meet). He doesn't know it yet, but he will soon.

The Neurosurgeon asked how 'fussy' Shaw was and I had to be honest. "He wakes up every day screaming"... at 5:30am. The Neurosurgeon let me know that the acid in his brain builds up during the night and Hydrocephalus patients are likely to have morning headaches.

First we've heard of this.

Very frustrating. 
We had no idea. 

He asked us to watch it and let him know if his development slows or irritability continues and he will order a CT for Shaw.

What else are we missing? Maybe he is a baby that just wants to be held. We will never know.

These are the questions that keep us up at night. Is our son comfortable? Are we giving him everything he needs? Are we doing all we can?

Shaw continues to improve by walking and spitting out a few words... Hot. Uh-oh. Up. He also is signing, which makes him so proud of himself. I can only imagine what it feels like to finally have the ability to communicate what you're thinking and have someone respond accordingly.

We press on, relishing the summer. Back to Charlotte in two weeks for more therapy.

Woo hoo for Bee Mighty and all of the support we've received. Thank you Lucille Duncan, Nonnie, Missy & Bebo, Vicky Webb, Nana, Ashley Hunt, Team Uher, Grandad & Grammie, Ginger & Joe, Peggy St. George, Jaimie Buice, Team Yavello, Alana Moton, Anne Gildea, Team Orr, Anne & Arron Peterson, Team Bridges, Catherine & Fred Monroe for Bee Mighty Tshirt sales. Thank you to Anne Gilde for the gracious donation and to the Nunns for getting Quicken Loans involved. More tshirts on order (larger ones!)

Oh - and Welcome Welcome Welcome:
Ryder Charles Kramer (son to Skylar & JD)
Charles Davis Honeycutt (son to Katherine & Chuck)
William Douglas Uher (son to Cameron & Paul)
Jackson Loyd (son to Molly & Jim)

All healthy and beautiful! and new this week!

Daddy & Nash @ the pool

Car wash (a rainy day savior)

sweet bums

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