Born @ 27 weeks
2lbs 7oz

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


The boys and I traveled back to Charlotte this week for more therapy...
a little blurry due to all the bouncing on the trampoline
But we also had a very special event.

The Presbyterian NICU invited us to represent the NICU & Women's Center. Shaw and I had a very special photo shoot yesterday to be on a number of billboards around Charlotte. They will rotate to different locations for the next year and a half. We are very excited, but mostly humbled by the invitation and honored to be included.

The photo shoot was so fun. Shaw and I were fawned over with hair stylists (where someone literally had a hairspray belt and touched us up between shoots. Shaw made it easy on her with his one sprig of hair), makeup artists, art directors, light specialists, agency coordinators, PR/Marketing representatives, wardrobe specialists.... It was quite surreal.

Special thanks to Gina at Sola Salon for the volunteer blowout! :)

what you don't see is the 20 other people on staff to make this happen

What an exhilarating experience after such a turbulent time. Our blessings are so abundant.

Thank you to Wesley Suttle, Team Buice, Team Kramer and Betsy Whalen for Bee Mighty Tshirt orders. (We are replenishing our stock with great new colors!) Thank you to Allison & Jim Doyle for the gracious donation and to Dee Dee for ANOTHER Bee Mighty donation (WOW - I'm thinking we may be on automatic draft... thank you). And to Nancy Dalton (Nonnie) who had her tennis league sponsor Bee Mighty! What a creative and easy way to give back. Thanks Nana & BeBo for their extra hands during the shoot.

And we're back to the beach to wrap up the summer.

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Lucia Dawkins said...

so cool about the press! really really awesome. This little warrior has changed your life but so many others as well...beemighty and more! love, lu