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Monday, September 10, 2012

Changes - and not just the weather

Lots going with Team Richter...

Nash's goes to school!!
Nash's First Day of Preschool - Myers Park United Methodist Church

What an exciting milestone this week as we took Nash to preschool. While I prepared myself for tears (mine) and his shyly holding on to my legs, Nash plowed through the door of his classroom and loudly declared, "Hello Everyone!" (We were the first ones there, so there wasn't a huge response. Still, Momma welcomed his enthusiasm).

While it will only be for a couple hours, two days a week, this is his first time away from home and promises to be a huge opportunity for growth. We are excited for this year -  a year about Nash and so excited to see him branch out and be with other kids.

Nash telling Shaw not to worry, that he'll be back after snack time :)
(I was SO PROUD OF HIM!!!) 

So maybe I shouldn't admit this - in fact, perhaps this is shameful and admittingly, maybe I'm going to be a helicopter Mom (NOT BY CHOICE!) But this is a note I sent to Nash's teachers tonight to give them a little insight on their latest student.

Hi Ladies, 

As I was getting Nash to bed tonight, we were talking (with ultimate excitement) about school tomorrow. In our conversation, Nash reminded me of two things you both should be privied to...

1) Nash is terrified of fire alarms. He covers his ears when he is scared, but especially around alarms. Sadly, I think this is a result from his brother being on a breathing monitor for the first year of his life. If he stopped breathing, which was often, we would have to race to his side to stimulate him. Nash saw Mommy and Daddy drop everything (including him) in response to the frequent alarms. :(  I hope this is something he out grows. He was talking about fire alarms at school tonight, so I thought I would mention it. 

2) When you hear Nash talk about 'Boobies'. He has an elephant named "Bootsie" that he couldn't say when he was younger, so now all elephants are Boobies. (Makes for very interesting conversations at the circus, "Mommy, look at those big boobies!!" and on planes, "Daddy, let's watch a boobie movie".  :)  I thought you guys should be prepared. 

Was that TMIl? ;)

In other news, we have some awesome, new Bee Mighty tee shirts! Ladies brown and fuchsia and navy. They look great! We have new kids blue, as well. You can get your shirts online at: BEE MIGHTY TEES

In between therapy, school, Bee Mighty planning, we also are house hunting. We're trying very hard to scale down and keep things simple in our search, as we are not aware of what our family and financial needs will be in the short term. It is a little discouraging and challenging to find what we want  within the parameters of our goal, but we know it is for the greater good. Besides, home is where you make it, right?

Shaw is as smiley as ever. He is the first of our children to just belly laugh - uncontrolobly. He is ticklish, like his daddy and just the mere threat of grazing his toes will send him doubled over into hysterics. It will melt any heart.

We have an appointment next week to take a scope down his throat to see how his scar tissue is growing. The last time we met with our ENT, he strongly recommended another surgery. We are hoping to avoid it, but will know soon enough.

We continue to be touched by so many contributors to our family and cause. Most recently, we want to thank Scott Mikolajczyk, Principal and friend with Havit Advertising in Washington, DC, who donated 3,000 Bee Mighty postcards. These will be used by the hospital, local businesses, therapists, Early Intervention, Easter Seals of NC and more to spread the word about how to apply or get involved with Bee Mighty. This is the conduit of connecting the money we have raised with the children that need it. Thank you, Scott.

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