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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rolling the Die..

Last Spring, our talented ENT gave us ample information about a cutting edge surgery that may significantly improve Shaw's restricted airway. Of course, that is our goal, so the answer to go through with the surgery should have have been a no-brainer.

But it is never is that easy.

The surgery consists of injecting the scar tissue in Shaw's airway with a chemo drug usually used in breast cancer. This particular procedure is not FDA approved and there are no guarantees that it will 'cure' Shaw of these particular problems.

Couple these cons with the fact that Shaw is not like most kiddos and ends up on the ventilator in ICU for days for the most basic of procedures. Michael and I really wrestled with what was the right decision. We deferred to our ENT, who very honestly said, "I just don't know."

We opted not to do the surgery this summer. Now that RSV season is here, the window is closed for the elective surgery. Shaw must be 100% well for the procedure and having him under anesthesia during cold and flu season is to risky.

So, now we wait. We pray that we have made the right decision, but we won't know until a crisis strikes (Shaw is hospitalized for a cold) or is averted (he fights off a cold like a healthy, full term baby).

We pray, hope and wait...

Almost like clockwork, I talk about RSV and Shaw begins to sniffle. The first cold is coming. We pray.

As the first day of Fall is embraced and relished in the Richter household, we celebrated an absolutely perfect weekend with soccer, house hunting, Festival in the Park with an old friend and volunteering at a very special Preemie Event for Pierce's Project. (We are absolutely amazed and inspired by Lindsay Franks and all she has accomplished!!)

I have to say, one of our favorite weekend events was hearing from one of our lovely NICU nurses. She insisted she wanted to come over and sit with the boys to graciously give Michael and I a date night. However, we enjoy her so much, Michael and I couldn't bare to leave and soaked up as much of Deb Darbee as we could.

As I often (more often lately than not) like to say, "My tank is full."
A walk in the park with Syeeda, who spent endless days in the NICU with us. Her beautiful little girl was a shining star, while she was with us on earth. Her mother continues to be an inspiration of strength.
(Shaw wouldn't let go of her finger).

Lindsay Franks @ Pierce's Project Festival

First cotton candy
Nash's amazing teaches send us photos during the school days, which I am so grateful for - considering he leaps out of the car and into the class!  I have to call to him to even say goodbye. :)
Dressing up... all the time
Team Richter goes bowling.
Daddy was not pleased. (I tried to tell him it was his shirt and not a dress, but he wasn't buying it).
After you find yourself in a headlock or underneath someone else's bum so many times, you learn to fear even the slightest movement in your direction. :)
Well, at least he is starting to keep his clothes on. This is what Nash comes up with when he dresses himself. (You can't quite see my 60 bangle bracelets on one arm).
There is something special about looking out the window, while you're cooking dinner and seeing you husband playing with your boys. They are so happy in this stolen shot.
Sharing his ice cream (warms a mommy's heart)
Nash's pet ostrich
New friends
Shaw's first experience with his brother behind the wheel

Thanks to Stephanie Reynolds, we have a very exciting event this week. Stephanie and Pure Barre Charlotte are hosting a trunk show for W by Worth with 10% of the proceeds going towards Bee Mighty!!! Please see invitation below and come out to support a great cause and spectacular clothes!!!

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