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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Anat Baniel Method Therapy Now Available in Charlotte

Attention Carolina(s) Preemie Parents - ABM Therapy is now available in Charlotte!

Our family has been traveling for months to Black Mountain, NC to receive an alternative therapy, The Anat Baniel Method, for our son (born at 27 weeks/now 21 months). We have been overwhelmed by Shaw's interest in our therapist and his rapid - almost miraculous - response to this form of therapy. 

I am ecstatic to announce that our ABM therapist, John Robson, is now accepting patients in Charlotte. There will be a limited number of no cost consultations available to learn more about ABM and it's remarkable impact on preemies. Please visit Honest Evolution website to learn more. 

****Bee Mighty can help with ABM resources!****

Children who have benefitted from ABM have faced challenges such as cerebral palsy, autism, birth injuries and other issues related to damage to the brain or nervous system.  Children with challenges such as learning difficulties or developmental delays have been able to get beyond their challenges and reach a new level of performance.

Whatever the condition, the most powerful way to make progress is to upgrade the function of the brain since it is responsible for almost everything we do.  ABM is based on the understanding that many diseases and traumas of childhood interrupt the normal process of pattern formation in the brain.  This disrupts the communication that needs to take place between the child’s body, the world around it, and the child’s brain. 

ABM Therapy

The Anat Baniel Method for Children (ABM) has helped thousands of children with special needs achieve things that were not thought possible for them.  Through the application of this gentle, yet effective, movement based work, children can attain breakthrough results after reaching roadblocks with other approaches.

With ABM we use movement as our means of communicating with the brain and presenting it with information that encourages the formation of new neural patterns and pathways. ABM helps the brain do its job better. It helps the brain right itself and regain its ability to powerfully and consistently create new patterns and successful solutions.  As the brain begins to function better we expect to see significant improvement in movement, speech, cognitive ability, motivation to act, sleep and feeding.

ABM has helped many many children live more meaningful lives.  

Please contact to schedule and learn more. 

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