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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"Will Santa Be Able to Find Us?" asked Nash

You bet he will!

While we may have been busy changing addresses as often as some people change their shoes for the last two years, we have officially moved - permanently (as if this has ever been a word in the Richter vocabulary).

I think we're going to like it here...
This weekend, we spent unpacking and Michael surprised me with my first ever Advent calendar. I am always looking for fun and creative things to do with the boys, but I hadn't given a lot of thought to what I was hoping to communicate through Advent.

Timely as ever, I received an email blast from Nash's preschool that emphasized the reason for the season and how it is just as important to slow down and enjoy it.

Advent is about spiritual waiting. Waiting is really hard for us - especially for children! So I've given some thought to Advent and we have a few goals for celebrating this special season with our children. First, I need my heart to be in the right place and after a whirlwind move this weekend, we are shifting gears, exhaling, NOT OVERCOMMITTING and slowing down. (Well said from Nash's preschool - "Be still and wait.")

Our primary goal through Advent is to celebrate our Faith. We also plan to celebrate family - really experience the riches that this time of year brings. We want to celebrate with our community and friends. We hope to share joy and the light that we have been given. Most importantly, we want to honor Jesus and emphasize the spirit of giving.

Our Advent

1st - The story of Advent (plus snow globes under their pillows to kick off festivities!)
2nd - Scavenger hunt for hidden Christmas books by answering why we celebrate Christmas
3rd - Sing jingle bells (in our softest whispers and in our loudest/outside voices over Santa pancakes)
4th - Take Nash's Teachers & Shaw's Therapists coffees.
5th - A tiny magical elf appears (and reappears) throughout the season
6th - Plant Paper whites/Amaryllis. Hunt for holly, ivy & mistletoe (the three plants of Christmas).
7th - Make snowflakes over breakfast together
8th - Tree trimming!
9th - Create salt dough ornaments
10th - Explain and set up Nativity Scene
11th - Select a personal toy to donate
12th - Write letters to Santa and hang candy canes on the tree
13th - Meet Santa (photos)
14th - Tape quarters to 'gumball' machines for the next children to enjoy (Mommy to hand out Starbucks card to the person in line behind her)
15th - Make Christmas cookies & deliver to neighbors
16th - Shop for Angel Tree
17th - Mail notes to friends and family telling them how we love and appreciate them. We will also make lists of what we love and appreciate about each other.
18th - Decorate Gingerbread house
19th - Make holiday cards for NICU babies.
20th - Do a craft that represents another culture's holiday (Kwanza, Hanukah, Winter Solstice, etc)
21st - Decorate tree in garden with food for the birds
22nd - Pajamas, hot chocolate and late night trip to view Christmas lights!
23rd - Old School Christmas movie night
24th - A secret visit from one of Santa's elves, while we are at church. Christmas pjs, peppermint ice cream & the reading of Luke 2 and Twas the Night upon return
25th - M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S!

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