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Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Happy Place - My Husband

We all have our 'happy place'. It's when things are really hard, almost unbearable and we turn inward and draw, sometimes cling, to something warm and safe.

When I was single, my happy place was in Corsica. i lived on this tiny island in France and would take these runs in the heat. I ran as my mind raced. When I arrived at this isolated beach - it was breathtaking. I would strip down to my swimsuit and wade into the cool Mediterranean. My happiness was that rush of cold water that took your breath away, but simultaneously calmed you. It was so peaceful. This was my happy place for years.

I turned to my happy place again when we were in the hospital before Shaw arrived. While magnesium raced through my veins to stop the contractions, during the ride in the ambulance as I shook violently in fear and shock. I remember the nurses racing in, alarms sounding, panic in the room- and I would lock my eyes on Michael, then close my eyes and dig for the happy place.

Since the day I met Michael, my happy place has changed. I closed my eyes during those times and pictured Michael, Nash and I sitting around the breakfast table. Nothing fancy. Nothing extravagant. Just my family. That was/is my peace.

Sometimes, I would picture Michael and Nash wrestling or playing hide and seek. Sometimes, I would see Michael as I walked down the aisle of our wedding...

As I reflect on five years of marriage today, it is Michael that is the constant for my happy place. I am so blessed - especially all we have been through - that I am still so in love with this man. He is my happy place, when I am petrified or when I have the best news to share. He is an amazing father and my best friend.

Michael and I celebrated our anniversary a couple weeks early with an adults-only long weekend in NY. The sleep, snow, and shows were invaluable, but the video sent from our boys while we were away was priceless! See below.

Happy five years to my hot husband!!

5 years ago - Sayulita, Mexico

NYC 2013

I am no longer purchasing/sending scripted cards. (I think they are $$, plus I like the thought of sending something you spend some time on. This is Michael's Anniversary card - an ode to the lost art of love letters. 

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