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Monday, February 25, 2013

Hospital (again)

Sunday, my phone rang at 8am. I knew from the tone of my Mom's voice something was wrong.

She was saying, "Listen. Listen to Shaw. Candace, he is having trouble breathing."

I knew the sound.
It was back. That gasping of air, the inflamed airway.

Within moments, Michael and I sprang into gear. Should she call 911? Can we get to him in time to give him a breathing treatment? Quick. Pack medicines for Shaw. His 'book' (ie history) of hospitalizations and surgeries. Done. We were in the car within minutes.

My poor Mom had graciously offered to keep the boys for Michael and I to celebrate our anniversary. Little did she know Shaw was going to keep her on her toes!

He woke up with some noisy breathing and within the hour, had progressed significantly. By the time we reached him, gave him a breathing treatment and raced to the ER, we were nervous.

As we have always known, Shaw just does not respond to the common cold or virus. While some kiddos get a runny nose and a slight cough, the same bacteria festers in Shaw's weak and narrow airway and it begins to swell. His airway is already so narrow, due to the scar tissue from all of his intubations over the last two years. When his airways gets inflamed, it is like breathing through a straw.

We are still in the hospital. Shaw's breathing is under control and we hope we will be going home soon. Both the Pulmonologist and Otolaryngologist gave positive reports today. Shaw will receive some additional steroids and remain under observation. Once we are home and he is better, we will have to discuss some potential surgeries to hopefully alleviate this cycle. But we will cross that bridge... when we are forced to. :(

Thanks so much for the kind words and prayers. It is not easy being back here. I feel like I was getting brazen knowing how close we are to the end of RSV/isolation season. I've been taking Shaw out and exposing him to more and more things lately, knowing that he is two and getting so much stronger. Now, I am again reminded that Shaw is an anomaly and takes things at his own pace. I also am reminded that colds, runny noses, sinus infections, etc that aren't a big deal to most are a very BIG deal to us.

As always, Nash Richter is the sunshine that lights our lives. We skyped with him from the hospital yesterday. He had been on a hike and picked up two rocks, one for himself and one for his brother. He was so proud of them! He also had to make a get well card and pack homemade cookies for Shaw. My favorite is to hear them talk together: Shaw: "Hey bro-dr"  Nash: "Heeeeeyyyy, Baby Doodies!"  (No idea where the 'Baby Doodies' came from, but that is what Nash calls his brother).  Nash joined us at the hospital tonight for dinner and they were so happy. I burst into tears as I saw Nash race down the hallway of the hospital when he saw Shaw.

My heart hurts that this is there norm. But am grateful that things are improving and we will all be home soon. This is a minor bump compared to so many.

Thanks again for your prayers.


Susan said...

Prayers and good thoughts your way from your family at The Children's Circle. Love to you and your precious boys! Susan

Susan said...
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A. Litchfield said...

So glad he is better. It is so amazing to see the love between brothers. It really shows in the pics!