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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sober Janaury...

Didn't last very long. Michael and I retired after about 8 days.

The truth is - technically, it's always 'sober' January. But to accompany our all natural cleanse, Michael and I had decided to give up ALL alcohol. In fact, we gave up sweets and coffee and .... Just about everything that brings sanity and joy to nutrition. Maybe a better term would be 'Dry January'. Regardless, it didn't stick.

So, let it be known, (as if this were a secret) Momma likes her occasional glass of wine.

The good news is these are some of the things you do during 'Dry January' (or maybe just January all together).

Michael creating his backsplash

Shaw in his 'snack seat'

Endless (and I mean ENDLESS) matchbox cars

Double down on the neighbor's swing

Waiting for the Circus Walk (for 1.5 hours). This was their reaction when they saw 6 elephants and 12 horses walking down main street. (I'm with Shaw).

Sick snuggle days

Snow days mean lots of projects


Apres Ski Party - (for some reason, Mommy thought 'stuffed boobs' seemed appropriate with their 80's ski attire. (Nobody got it. At least Michael laughed).

Some of the very best forts include RILEY
Sweet brothers

Picnics with Riley. :)

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