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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bee Mighty's Super Bowl

Check out the winner of our Super Bowl raffle!

I was personally rooting for so many people (acquaintances, friends, strangers purchasing multiple tickets, die hard 49ers/Ravens fans) that I am SO grateful that The Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation chose the winning number for this raffle. I was much to close to it to be unbiased.

When I was told the winner, I screamed out loud as it was my roommate from 10+ years ago in San Francisco - her husband. He is a ardent 49ers fan, so I knew the tickets had fallen into good hands. He and his father made the last minute trek to New Orleans for this opportunity of a life time.

Thank you so so much to so many of you that purchased tickets and showed your support. Maybe if we're lucky, we can do it again next year!

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