Born @ 27 weeks
2lbs 7oz

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Baby Shaw!

It probably is not a coincidence that we forgot Shaw's birthday twice this year.

1st - In 2012, I scheduled a family photo shoot with a photographer and looked at my husband and said, "I know we have something on February 7th, I just can't think of what..." His response, "I can't think of anything."

2nd - Months later, I volunteered to host a dinner party. It wasn't until later we realized it was ON Shaw's birthday. Of course, Shaw's birthday came first and dinner party was relocated!

I know, we will not win parents of the year, but at least we are honest.

Maybe it's a coincidence - but I can't help but wonder if it is a submissive way of our dealing with a really hard time in our lives.

Again - how terrible does this sound? It's our baby's birthday and we talk about it being such a hard time two years ago. The end result (Shaw) is one of the two BIGGEST BLESSINGS in our lives and we would do it all over again - 1,000 times - but it doesn't change the trauma of the day. Shaw and I almost died. It is hard to swallow sometimes.

Once Michael and I did get our acts together - and with one look at Shaw - we are in awe of how far we all have come. This is the first year of years and years to come of celebrating this miracle that has enriched our lives more than we ever imagined!

Avery Shaw Richter, we love you because:
- we have never seen someone so tiny
- you are a fighter
- you single-handedly strengthened our faith... overnight
- we are better people/parents/humans for knowing you
- you changed who we are - just by being born
- you have something in your hands at ALL times (making baths, changing clothes and climbing steps challenging)
- you are SO ticklish and giggle endlessly
- you have a reckless abandon towards your big brother
- you just learned to say, "I wuv vu" so you follow it with, "I wuv vu, Daddy" "I wuv vu, Nana, " and now, "I wuv vu, pants." "I wuv vu, cars"  "I wuv vu, di-par"
- you are a survivor
- you go at your own pace
- you can melt any heart with your flirting
- you are changing the lives of so many
- you complete our family
- your personality is so funny
- we love your crazy hair-do
- you are the best snuggler
- you sing the best rendition of 'Tinkle Tinkle Wittle Star'
- you never complain of pain :(
- we are so lucky to be your parents
- you defy every limit placed on you (so we aren't going to let anyone put 'limits' on your anymore!)
- You, Shaw Richter, are extrodinary!

Thank you, God, for letting us be his parents. We are honored and humbled and feel so blessed that you chose us. Thank you for this journey. Who knew two pounds could shape our lives into something so much more fulfilling that we had ever imagined!

Happy Birthday, baby Shaw!

Get Fired Up! Shaw has a Fireman birthday with a handful of friends and some very special guests...

Big brother helping/stealing presents for the birthday boy.

First hoops for team Richter (and yes, Nash has a guitar on his back in his underwear that he refuses to take off - Thanks, Grandad!) :)

Brother wrestling as begun. It is ironic that it is Shaw that bows his head, like a bull and charges into his older brother. Unfortunately, Nash doesn't know his strength, so keeps Momma in cardiac arrest.

A tremendous Thank You to Fire Station 14, who made not one, but two special appearances this Saturday. Captain Cunningham and his team joined us for lunch and left with lights ablaze, as they responded to an emergency. (I thought the boys mouths were going to permanently hang open). 

Junior Fire Fighters: Cameron, Shaw, Nash & Easton

Daddy & Nash

I don't know if the fire truck could fit any more children.
They were so excited. We had to pry them away.

This shot will remain etched in my mind forever. Shaw is obsessed with fire trucks, firemen, fire guys, etc.  However, we were a little concerned that he would be fearful of the Fire Fighters. Due to his extensive poking/prodding from medical staff, he often buries his head into our shoulders to avoid new men. That said, Fireman Smith leaned over and placed Shaw in the truck and you couldn't wipe this smile away. :) My heart is so full.

Happy Birthday, Not-so-Baby Shaw.

Shaw & Bebo, Cameron, Nash and Julia

Paul & William

Easton and Barclay

One regret I have this year is not having our nurses at Shaw's birthday. I thought long and hard about it and think about how many families must love them and cherish all they have done for their babies. They are like family to us and we see them regularly. I just wish I would have at least extended the invitation to again let them know how invaluable I think they are. I know they have their own lives, but I can't imagine our lives without theirs.

Also, keeping the Fuller family in our prayers.

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Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Shaw!!! I can't wait to one day meet you in person. You are an inspiration for us all!!