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Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentine's Bonanza?

Holy cow, people. This is my first year with Nash in preschool and I didn't get the memo that Valentines are SERIOUS business.

In fact, at 7:35 this morning, I pulled out the pack of valentines day cards (that were cars related, had perforated edges and didn't come with envelopes) that I purchased from Target the evening before. While having our breakfast, Mommy signed, "Love, Nash" on the back to twelve lucky little kiddos. 

I actually thought I was going above and beyond to 1) think about getting valentines for his class and 2) I used a heart sticker instead of writing 'love'. (I was clearly stepping it up and letting my creative juices flow).

Well, guess who was at her first rodeo when Nash race to the car this afternoon with a bag full of beautifully decorated, thoughtful and clever valentines?!

Who upped the ante without telling me? (Believe me, I like some competition, but this was out of left field).

Trumpets and sunglasses and matching bows and professionally decorated cookies... scrumptious! 

Well, Valentine Extra-Ordinares... step aside, as I dress up as cupid next year. Now I know and won't be ambushed again. (Nash/Shaw, you should be very afraid!)

This is what we did for Valentines - therapy and lollipops! :) Oh and dinner with my biggest valentine!!

Happy Love Day to you all.

Shaw & 'msr john' getting ABM (an alternative therapy for brain injuries)

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Single Mom BB said...

Glad you survived! And thanks for the warning... although we still have a few years. It was nice meeting you after therapy (before yours). Shaw is adorable! Hope to connect again soon.

-Rebecca & Ella