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Thursday, March 7, 2013

All Is Well In The World

with a photo like this...

Team Richter has been out for the count for almost 2 weeks.

sadly - these are all just mine. :( We have two other countertops full of meds for the boys.

From ear infection to loose ear tube, GI bugs and respiratory infections, three of the four of us have been horizontal. Superhero, Miguel, somehow has come out unscathed and between he and Nana running shuttles to/from the doctors, hospital, pharmacy, issuing meds, doing HUNDREDS of loads of laundry... I don't know how we are all functioning. (Huge kudos to my husband for keeping it - and us - together).

Nash has been curled up, listless on the sofa for days. Heartbreaking to see.
This was the only way I could get Nash to eat ANYTHING yesterday - a 'sick picnic'  Goldfish, in bed, under the covers, flashlight on. Whatever it takes to get something in this babe's body.
Fortunately, when there is a spurt of energy, we find SOMETHING to do. 

Shaw rebounded first.

Today even seemed hopeless. 

Then, a small glimmer of light, as Nash came down the stairs from his nap, on his belly. (This is a good sign). From nap time to bed time, there were giggles and activity - not overly, but life blown back into our home. Over dinner, there was the usual Nash/Shaw banter... "No!" "Yes!" "No!" "Yes!" Then an irruption of giggles. All seems right in the world - for the moment.

We have a ways to go... but still hoping to be on the mend. It will be nice to see the sky and sunshine this weekend - for all of us.

We did have a break in the bug, just long enough to attend a fabulous event, All About Baby, on Sunday. This event honors pregnant Moms and new Moms with a number of vendors specifically geared towards baby gear, goo and gobs of fun baby stuff. (I wish I had been pregnant... well, not really). 

We joined Hemby's Children's Hospital to talk about Bee Mighty. 

Frankly, I think we scared some of these sweet pregnant Moms to death. Here they are floating on fabulous Bella Tunno passy clips and how to make their nursery 'green' for their little one and then they get to us.... 

"And this is what happens when things go REALLY wrong..."

Good friend and even better Mom, Cameron Uher, dedicated her Sunday to Bee Mighty. I can almost hear her saying here, "Now, I'm sure this won't happen to you, but this is what happens when a baby comes almost four months early." It's like you could hear a record scratch.

Cameron and I did our best not to 'scare' the Moms about the reality of prematurity, but we also hope to educate those that may be affected, as well as spread awareness that resources are available for families in need.

We also had two very special Mommas that know all too well the ride of the NICU. Kathy Bowie made a special trip to the event just to see Bee Mighty and show her support. Another Mom was currently in the NICU with her 27 weeker. I was moved to tears on several occasions talking to both Moms knowing that they were very brave being surrounded by so many glowing, big bellies.

**Thank you, Cameron, Hemby & All About Baby!**

I have a number of prayer requests this week. We're praying specifically for health in our home. We also are praying for Isaac and Abbot to grow and eat in the NICU. We pray for Jane and her family. We pray for Mr. & Mrs. Smith and the strength of their children. And we praise Lu for her accomplishments this week!

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