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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Richter Talent Show - Staring the Band: "No Fever"

Is it ever an uneventful week?

We graduated from the hospital and relished being home. It has been 'Pajama Day' everyday (and Mommy is about to loose her mind). Fortunately or unfortunately, she has a bug, too - so slowing down is just fine.

Thursday, the fevers kicked in - for both boys. Nash = a rockstar. You wouldn't even know it. He teetered in the low100 and played just the same. It was Shaw, who began feeling puny and we watched closely for breathing issues.

Friday, we loaded up and headed to the doctor. We wanted a 'baseline' for where we are in case things progressed over the weekend. I hadn't even planned to take Nash. (Sadly, we know the routine. "Oh - it's a virus. It must run it's course. Benadryl. Ibuprofen. Humidifier. Call if nothing changes in a few days.") Mostly, I was concerned with Shaw and breathing/life threatening issues.

Wouldn't you know, Nash has an ear infection? Poor guy. By this time Friday, he was actually the sicker of the two.

Friday night, Shaw's fever spiked to 103.5.


This is the highest temp for either of our boys ever - and again, we were scared. Typically, we would have rushed Shaw to the hospital. But we know we what they would do.... ivs (which translate to additional opportunities to infection), time in the ER (which is probably where we caught this most recent bug), a number of unnecessary tests to rule out what we already know and more risk for much more dangerous things - HOWEVER, we would be in the right place if something went south quickly (ie seizure from high temp, breathing, etc). Again, we are faced with questions.

After a lukewarm bath, Shaw's temp hovered at 101 for the last 24 hours. We are still waiting but grateful it is down. Then, after the nap this afternoon, both boys woke up fever free. This doesn't mean it will last or all has passed, but at least there is life back in our little ones, who are dying to move around and play and sing and dance....

Thank you to Carol, Kay and Stephanie for dinners the last three days. What a treat - seriously. And thank you to so many for prayers and checking in on us.

Desperate for 'activities,' the boys found Mommy's closet. (And yes, I see the Eminem resemblance)

If there is one thing I love about all of this 'down time' - is the snuggle time my boys have logged. The sofa is enormous and they can't get any closer - ever time. :)

Rules made to be broken: Drinks are not allowed out of the kitchen, but we are desperate for hydration and I don't care if they carry them every where they go!

At the Dr's office. I love that Nash had to bring his dr kit. Ironically, our Pediatrician is named Dr. Richter, so I love listening to Nash say, "Dr. Ricter, I'm Dr. Richter" (because at home he is!)

In other news, we are celebrating Nash's Fairy Godmother, Suzanne Bowers. She is the epitome of MIGHTY and is pregnant with twin girls. While she lives in San Francisco :( we were honored to celebrate her, her husband, those babies and her family this weekend!

And Mighty Isaac & Abbot, born to Mariah and Chad. They are just a few weeks early and logging some time in the NICU. They are a whopping 4lbs and healthy! But, a Momma should never have to leave the hospital without her babies. Prayers and comfort today for this growing family.

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