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Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day x2

Father's Day - one of my favorite holidays for two of my favorite men in this world (over 3ft. tall).

My husband, the Mighty Miguel Richter and my Father (aka 'The Beebs' to the boys):

My Dad, he was tough. He is so soft on the inside and once you're in his corner... YOU'RE IN. However, until you get to that point, he is a hard read. His jokes aren't always funny (sorry Dad), but for those of us that know him (well), you see his kind intent and know he is your biggest champion.

My Dad, he pushed. Pushed me to be independent. Pushed me to be a hard worker. Pushed me to have integrity, drive and ethics. He pushed me to never ask for much. Pushed me to be respectful. Pushed me to change things, if you don't like what you see. (I remember cursing him for some of these antics in my teens). Today, I am grateful.

My dearest Dad,

I am eternally grateful for your overwhelming presence in my life for these 39 years.

I vividly remember dancing on your toes on Christmas Eve as a little girl.

I remember your writing me letters at camp and signing your letters, "PD" (Perfect Dad).

I remember fighting the toughest duals I have fought to date because we are similar.

I can remember your racing into a vet with a terminal dog (that you pretended not to care much about) and screaming for attention, with tears running down your face for some help with her suffering.

I remember your driving four hours (one way) to my college just to surprise me for lunch when things were hard.

I remember on my wedding day, just before you walked me down the aisle... that special moment when Dad's whisper sacred, everlasting words of wisdom and encouragement.... And you said, "God, I'm nervous!"

I remember bringing Nash home from the hospital and finding our home covered in countless bouquets of flowers, sweet messages and champagne to 'welcome' our new family of three.

Mostly, I remember your support these last few years.

I remember picking the name Big Leon for you (since you never picked a name for your grandsons to call you. Leon, being your middle name - that you detest - I thought it would be fun). You ran with it and Nash quickly transformed Big Leon to BeBo, which since has become 'Beebs'.

I remember your hanging drapes, painting walls, making beds, arranging furniture, as we sat by Shaw's bedside in the hospital and simultaneously moved into a new home.

I remember Michael asking people (politely) to let me rest, during one of the critical times in the hospital, just before Shaw arrived. (If people came, I stayed awake to talk to them). You reluctantly agreed. However, I finally persuaded Michael to tell me why he kept leaving the room so much and it was because you were pacing (literally) the hospital walls, unable to go home and rest, knowing I was scared and vulnerable.

You are a good man, Dad.
Noble, loving, tough, driven, loyal and a teacher.
I love you and look forward to all the things to come.


And then there is my husband....

My beautiful, funny, quirky husband.

He is the 'new' Dad. The Dad that is going to mold our boys and teach them what my Dad taught me. He is a soulful man, one that loves life and stops to enjoy it.

My husband, he gets me. I guess that is obvious, since we are married - but really, he gets me.

Like on our third date when I so brazenly told him 'Just so you know, I never plan to get married and I want to adopt a child from Africa." He didn't roll his eyes or challenge me. (Secretly, he probably wanted to run for the hills). But he nodded (probably ignoring me) and took it all in. I've never met anyone else like him. He just gets it.

Someone once told me to 'Marry Funny'. I never knew what that meant until I met my husband. I remember waking up in the middle of the night laughing... I remember our speedy romance. We were both so sure - so fast...

Sometimes, I wonder if a love that strong - so powerful - is what we had to have to carry us through the last few years, where there wasn't much laughter. I will never know. But I am grateful. Even more grateful for the laughter that is returning.

The moment my husband proposed. He surprised me, while I was on a work trip to St. Kitts. After a fiasco of canceled flights, this is what was waiting for me. (Ssshhh. He was so nervous and gave the most beautiful speech!) My favorite part is that he asked both my Dad AND my Mom for 'their permission' ;)

Literally - my fairytale. I often say, "Life Should Bee Extraordinary" I truly feel our love story was/is...
My husband and I on a hike during our honeymoon in Patagonia. (I mean - H.O.T.! and i don't mean the weather. Scorching.)

One of my all time  favorite surprise...  A map of the world, wine, travel books and one question,
"Where do you want to go?"
10 days later we left to travel in Asia for three months.
It was in Malaysia we decided to embark on the adventure of our lives, CHILDREN!
People always told me to 'marry someone who is funny'.  All I have to say is A.M.E.N.
 (PS - these were supposed to be mustaches).

Borneo. New Years Eve 2009

9 months later :)
10 lbs Nash Richter was born

Nash was dying to be an astronaut, but only if his Daddy joined him... :)
Is there a better feeling when your child grabs your face an insists on a kiss?

2lb Shaw Richter. (He was almost a month old when his Daddy could hold him for the first time)
Quite a change

Happier Times
Just another day - my husband as Justin Bebier (or  that rocker that survived the plane crash - who really knows)

Our boys (and I) are SO fortunate to have Michael as their Dad. He is one of the most hands-on fathers I have ever known. He is a teacher to the boys and is loving. He is kind and generous. He is a gentleman and respectful. He is a gift from God. I am so grateful he picked ME!

Happy Father's Day to the most wonderful Father, Husband and Friend!
To the countless years to come...

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