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Monday, July 8, 2013

Bee Patriotic

This July 4th was unlike any other. I wonder if our kids will ever truly appreciate such an experience.

Team Richter and Bee Mighty were invited to actually LIGHT the City if Charlotte's fireworks. 

Novant is the major sponsor for the 4th of July Spectacular hosting a tremendous fireworks display for all of Charlotte. Since Shaw was a long term patient of Novant, we were invited to share our story - on a stage of THOUSANDS (gulp!) and flip the switch to start the show.

While such an honor, it was nerve-wracking on so many levels. Keeping our 2 and 3 year old in good spirits at 10pm at night does not come easy. 

On top of the late hour, Novant hosted a delicious reception complete with elaborate candy, cookies, strawberry shortcake, pies and more decadent gluttony than you can imagine. Heaven for all of us. (Sugar coma for 2 of them!)

VIP we were - what special treatment, including the death-defying golf cart trip to the stage, through thousands of cars and spectators to the air conditioning waiting area until we were called. Novant - THANK YOU!

Not even the threat of lightening and rain could dampen our excitement. As we walked on stage, you could hear the booming cheers that the festivities were about to begin. Patriots began arriving since early that morning to reserve just the right spot for the display. 

Moira Quinn, a Charlotte Media Icon, introduced the new Charlotte Mayor, following Harry Smith, the President of Novant. To my surprise, Mr. Smith began to tell our little story to all of the spectators. It was quite surreal.

After passing the mic to us to say a few words, (simultaneously, I was praying Nash & Shaw wouldn't say 'poop' or 'boobie' into the mic), we were lead to the lever to detonate the fireworks. On a countdown, that all 4 of team Richter participated in, out went the lights and the roar from the audience was quickly silenced by the boom of lights.

What a magical moment.

Minutes following. Shaw tucked his head on my shoulder and fell fast asleep, while Michael, Nash and I held hands and quietly cried on stage for this moment and how far we have come.

***Thank you Mom, Dad and Missy for your help!!*** It's great to be an American.

Prayers for Mitchell tonight, friends. He is fighting the fight for his life.

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